Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

Liquid Zu concert at the Whisky

Sunday, Nov. 04, 2001 - 7:37 p.m.

Leslie’s step dad took us (me, Les, and her mom) to the Whisky at around 5pm. He dropped us off and we first went to the Tower Records store to check out some cd’s cuz Noone was at the Whisky yet. It was too early when the show started at 9:30pm.

Then after, we went to the front of the Whisky entrance and we saw Dave standing alone in the front smoking. I asked him if we could already get inside and he said he didn’t know, but to just go inside. So we did and the bands were all setting up. We (and 2 other girls) were the ONLY girls there.

We just stood there by the girl’s bathroom watching the people set up. Some time has passed and then I saw Alex outside. So I told Leslie that we should go outside to talk to him.

So we went and he was standing on the corner of the Whisky entrance alone smoking.

I said to him, “Hi Alex”

And he said “hey, thanks for coming.”

And he just kept smoking.

I kept thinking what else should I ask or say because this was our big chance since noone was talking to him.

Then I just asked him “Do you know if Noah is coming?”

And he said, “He’s supposed to.” And he took out his cell phone and was calling someone and went inside.

Then we went inside just to watch them set up again.

It was funny, you could tell Alex was sooooooooooo bored! We watched him by the girl’s bathroom and he just walked around in circles.

Like, he would walk to this box and look at it, then turn and walk around and talk to some friends, then go walking back thinking if he should move the instruments lol and he kept going around in circles over and over. Then he would sit down on the box, then get up and walk around in circles again.And he would notice us lol, it was just funny! LMAO, also, he was wearing a shirt called "I'm dateing my hand" LMFAO!! reminded me of Mark in the songs M&Ms.

Then, since he obviously looked soo bored, me and my friend thought that we should go up to him and ask for autographs.

So we got our pictures, posters, etc. and just as we were gonna go up to him, he went to talk to his friends. So, I wanted to go drink my water I had left inside this one porn thing where u pay 25 cents and get some porn paper, well, I didn’t want to be carrying my water bottle everywhere, so my friend Leslie said to just leave it in the pron thing cuz noone will get it there and that’s why I left it there.

Well, anyways, we went outside so I can get my water and it was way in back and I was trying to get it and my friend was all like saying “OoOh, you slut!” but like kidding around, and then she turned around and saw Alex right there! I quickly took out my water, cuz it really LOOKED like I was trying to get the porn shit when I was just getting my water. He was looking at me weird.

And my friend told him that I was just getting my water. And then she asked him to sign her pictures and she gave him like a stack of them and he was signing them all, then I gave him mine’s to sign and he did. While he was signing them, my friend was saying “Noah already signed them. We met him. He gave us his cats.”

And I’m thinking, ‘uh, Leslie, why r u telling him that, he doesn’t care!’

And he kept continuing with “We went to his house” and he looked at her like, “You were stalking him?” Way. And she said, “He took us” and she was just telling him about us meeting Noah.

In the vma 2000 picture Alex asked us like, “You guys were in New York?” and I had to tell him that we bought that picture off of ebay and he asked how much it was and I told him $10. Then he said “there, that’s all of them” and Leslie asked him if Noah was coming and Alex said “Yeah. He is” then, his bandmates and other people were walking and Alex said something like, “You guys staying for the show?” and we’re like, of course and he said he had to go. And he went with the big group of friends (including his bandmates) and they went to the Chinese place, then they got out and went all the way down the block, then they came back and went inside the Chinese place. It was funny that they were going up and down. Me and Leslie and her annoying mother were waiting outside the Whisky for them , so I can ask the WHOLE band to sign my Liquid Zu picture I had taken of them from the last concert.

We waited for a long ass time standing outside. Leslie’s mom kept whining and shit, it was annoying me. She was soo fucken annoying! I don’t know how Leslie put’s up with her. Her mom kept whining that she wanted to sit down, so her and Leslie went to the coffee shop table that had chairs and sat while I continued standing all alone, waiting for Liquid Zu. Then, I saw Leslie coming back and pointing across the street and we saw that Liquid Zu were across the street walking inside AMPM and some were carrying “Hustler” bags (including Alex). LOL they went inside the HUSTLER store.

After, they were pushing the button to cross the street and Alex would stare at us. LOL I bet he was thinking like, “damn, they’re still standing there?”

Cuz they were taking forever!!!! And we just kept waiting for them…

Then, they were crossing but, they went through the back way. But we still waited outside because people were already starting to make a line and I guess we couldn’t get in anymore.

But then after a while, each band member would come out and I went up to them and asked them to sign my picture which they did. They were soo cool and nice and awesome!

Then, I asked Alex for a picture and Leslie took it for me.

Alex was wearing a hat that he wasn’t wearing earlier, then Leslie noticed that it said “HUSTLER” and lol that means, that he barely bought the hat from that store.

Some other band was playing and Alex went outside and I told Leslie that when Alex comes in that I’ll ask him to take a picture with her. Then, I asked Alex when he came in if he could take a picture with Leslie, cuz she wanted a pic with him and he posed for it without saying anything. Later, more time passed and then the show was starting. We then saw Jeanine and her mom and mom’s friend just when LZ were about to perform. We went to the front and were right there real close to Andy and Alex. They sang pretty damn good and totally kicked ass! They sang about 5 songs I think. And it’s funny, Rod, and Andy were making funny faces at us and to eacother. Also, Alex would look at us, like making his eye watch us it was funny. Me and Leslie were screaming as loud as we can.

After they sang, we went outside to where they were packing their equipment. We waited a while because they looked real busy. We wanted to get pictures with Alex so we waited til we thought was a perfect time to ask. Also, we wanted Jeanine to get a picture with Alex and we were all too shy to ask so her mom asked him like “hey, can you please take a picture with her because we want to leave already?” and he said “sure” and they posed. Then, we took a few more pictures. Then we said goodbye to Jeanine because she was leaving.

Rod was next to Alex and I rememberd that we should ask them to sing us (me and Leslie) Happy Birthday so I tapped Rod and asked him and he said when they are done with packing their stuff.

So I decided to ask Alex, but he looked too busy so we waited. Then, we noticed his guitar bag. It was black, but what we noticed was the lettering. It said in white lettering, “Parker Guitars” and we thought it was pretty funny because Alex used to play a 2Gether member The rebel, “Mickey Parke” Parker= Parke AKA Mickey Parke. SO it was funny in a ironic way. There was also a 2Gether sticker of the band pointing out the elevator on some case.

Then, I called Alex and he looked at me and I waved for him to come (he was just like 5 feet away) and I asked him, “Will you do me a honor and sing to me and my friend “Happy Birthday”? Because our birthday is on Monday…?” and he said “Aaa, I can’t because of my voice, it’s all sore . (from singing) You should have told me before and I would have sang to you on stage!” and he was giving me The “Homeboy” handshake.

And I said “really? You would have?”

And he said “yeah!”

And he asked if we were going to the ball game, but I said we couldn’t. it was too far.

Then he said he had to go, so I just went and hugged him. But, I gave him the longest hug ever! I’d say it was about 35 seconds or so. I didn’t want to let go!

I said while hugging him, “You rocked! Thanks….I’m afraid I might not see you again….I can’t let go!…I can’t let go!…...I can’t let go!” and while hugging, he would try to like, get off lol but I still kept hugging him and he was making this noise like a “aooooooaooooo” like yeah you hugging me but like he wanted to stop hugging because I was hugging him too long. Then, when I finally stopped my friend was like “Record man! That was a record! I’ll never forget that!”

And he left to these other girls.

While Leslie’s mom kept nagging and whining, he ignored her and just watched Alex. Then Rod came up to me and was singing Happy Birthday but in a real good way! He sang sooo good!

Then, girls were videotaping Alex and he was doing all these FUNNY expressions! He crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. LOL, there was this one expression where he did like the “Eat Out” sign. (Perverted) LMAO!!

Then, Leslie went up to take last pictures then when It was my turn, after we took like 2 pictures, I was gonna ask Alex for a kiss. I mean, since he couldn’t sing for me, that could be the second choice of him to do. And I was really nervous!

Here I go, I thought to myself…..I said “Alex….” And he looked at me like, he knew I wanted something. LOL (we just kept bugging him)

“-…..Can you give me a kiss, since you couldn’t sing for me?…”I asked

and he looked at me and I said, “on the cheek” cuz I knew he was thinking lips and he wouldn’t have done it.

SO then he gave me a wet juicy kiss on my left cheek! WOOHOO! Leslie was surprised, too bad she didn’t get a picture of him kissing me.

Right after he kissed me, I hugged him all excitedly saying “thank you Alex!”

And then, he stayed for a lil bit then he left.

Then, we were having a hard time trying to think of how to get home. The buses didn’t pass by at that time (it was 11pm) and Leslie’s mom didn’t have enough money for a taxi. They needed change for a payphone so I asked Andy ( Liquid Zu guitarist) if he had any change he can give us for a payphone so we could call our “ride” (Leslie’s stepdad)

He was nice enough and just let us use his cell phone. Andy rocks!

Leslie called and her stepdad was all pissed off so she just hung up on him.

There we were stranded in Hollywood. Leslie’s mom kept BITCHIN and bitching. So she went and even asked Rod for a ride!! It was too embaressing for us! He said he couldn’t (because we lived far; 28 miles away) then when Andy heard about our situation, he said that he couldn’t leave us just there. That someone will give us a ride.

But then a taxi came and Leslie’s mom made us go in and we took a taxi home. Leslie said it was $60 and Leslie’s mom only had like $20 so they had to go get their rent money and pay the driver. They had dropped me off on Suva because if they would have dropped me off right at my house, it would have costed them more.

So, there I was walking, alone, in the dark at 12 am in a main street. My feet were sooo tried from standing soo much. And I crossed the street when I heard a beep from a familiar car. It was my family! They had come back from San Diego the same day they had left, so while I was walking to the car, I kept praying for them not to be mad for walking alone, in the night at 12 am! They said what are you doing walking at this house?? And I explained the whole story so, they didn’t get as much as I thought they would.

Then I arrived home and finally rested.
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