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Antonio dream

I had a dream that I went to this college, like a Knotts college I guess, because I saw some of my old work buddies. I saw Jessica, Byron, ♥Antonio♥, Caitlin -_-, and newbies and others. anyways, i was happy seeing my old work buddies. it was the 2nd day of class and it had just ended and antonio had on this video he made, including toys commericals, everyone else had left but i stayed a little bit to watch it with him. (it was just me and him alone) and then he said something like "I finally saw your profile. and i liked it." he liked what he read I guess so he said soemthing "I wanted to call you but you said no calls." and I said "you can call me." and he said "is after 6 good?" and I said yeah. then i had to go, cuz I was keeping my mom waiting, so we smiled at eachother and said bye and I left happily and excited.

he was gonna call me and he sounded interested in me he had prolly got bored with caitlin. i was soo excited i had told monique and vita, who were running and they got happy for me but then my damn grama woke me up with her loud voice. i woke up quickly and realized it was all a dream and i was soo sad and disappointed i wanted to cry i had wish it was real!!!

that feeling i had was soo, wow! increiable i wish the dream was real!

oh and I sent Charlyne a message and she wrote back! I wrote:

Date: Oct 19, 2007 2:36 PM
I saw you last night at the show you are really hilarious. I had a great time.
---------------- Original Message -----------------

Oct 19, 2007 3:34 PM
Subject: RE: .

Thanks for coming to the show! And liking it too!
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