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he came but i didnt see him

about 2:30am Pony came to my house calling my name and knocking on my window looking for me but I didnt hear him because me and destiny were in the living room watching tv...mickey was barking alot and i didnt think nothing of it til i realized maybe it was pony so i looked thru the peekhole but couldnt see anything it was too dark so i went to my room and looked out the window and saw his car leaving real slow. he made a u turn and drove by really slow (creepy)

so I thought ok well I didnt hear him not my fault and i didnt feel like getting ready for him and it just got me mad that he comes soo late.

so just when i thought he left, no he parked his car AGAIN and tried again knocking on my window callng me. i was in the bathroom and destiny heard him she told me and i told her to tell him hold on but she was saying NOOO I DONT WANNA TALK TO HIM and i kept telling her to tell him and she was acting like a brat saying no so i just continued what I was doing then I heard his car turn on and he left...

i wonder what he thought does he think i was ignoring him on purpose?? I hope I do see him again what if he got mad and decides not to come anymore? because he did drive a long way to see me and for me not to show up...eep!
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