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2012 [22 Jul 2012|12:13am]
LOL wow! ok first of all, I am SOOO over Pony!! I was stupid in love with him for 6 years, I wasted my time!!! anyway yeah he;s an asshole and I hope he gets the karma he deserves! he tried seeing me like 3 times...2 times late at nite knocking on my window but I ignored him...then surprising he came in the morning, my mom answered the door. I told her to tell him I wasnt here....that was the last time...it was 2010. anyway yeah, fuck him...
I currently have a crush on a guy, Joseph, but yeah he's just a internet c rush...blah...then there's antonio but he donnt like me like that....nobody likes me. I'm forveer alone.
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long [23 Aug 2009|11:15pm]
so he showed up at my window 2:08am :|
after not seeing him in 4 months he randomly shows up
he asked if he could talk to me and I told him "about what?" and he said "can you come outside please" and I said "ok fine."
long story short, we fucked for the longest i was surprised he lasted long Lol he kept saying like "i've been fucking u for 15 mins" lol even he was surprised he was lasting long >.>
I took him home in East LA like 630am.
*he left me a hickey on my neck.
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pony showed up [10 Apr 2009|11:25pm]
so last nite when I got home at 12:48am from my sisters house, I heard a guy voice say my name. i had gotten out of the car & turned around & saw a parked car. it wasnt ponys blazer so i thought it was antonio. i was surprised thinking "antonio? omg" but no as the guy walked up to me, turned out to be pony. ngl i felt kinda disappointed. i didnt make a big deal when i saw him i was like oh hey.
anyway i looked like crap red hoodie sweater, blue jeans with a red line down. ha he said i looked cute, pretty. whatev.
i felt outta it plus i didnt have anything to tell him so i just sat, acted giggly/smiley.
he looked cute. he had on this big blue checkerd shirt, blue jeans, checkered boxers, yes he showed me of course

im tired so ill write the basics right now, details later.
we hugged under the full moon for like almost a min
he took out his dick, talked about his hairs like no big deal
he wanted a kiss, i kissed his cheek
he nibbled on my ear
turning me on
we were in my car
i left him wanting more ;D
he said i looked hot thru the window & in my superman tanktop
he knocked on my window for my number
he txted me all night til 5:55am
then again in the morning at 10, saying good morning aww.
"Ur beautiful as da sunrise" is the cutest sweetest thing he txted me (5:15am)
he really wanted me that night haha i can tell he was like prolly expecting sex but i like, didnt ha

next day we txt all day
him still wanting me

most likely hes gonna show up at my window later :|
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seeing him after 9 months! :O [24 Nov 2008|05:53pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

11:10am -1:21pm

so yeah he randomly showed up at my front door at 11:10am. I heard someone knocking at the front door, it sounded like his knock which I had forgotten at the time i looked out the peephole and there he was standing. my eyes grew big and I ran to the bathroom to fix myself up. I had barely just woken up so i looked pretty shitty. my mom was on the phone in the kitchen so he didnt hear him knock. in a way i kinda wished he'd go away becuz i looked crappy. i dunno how long he knocked for but it was a long time. my mom finally ended her convo and she heard the door. she came to the bathroom door whispering to me that pony was at the door i told her to tell him ill be there so i could hear her speaking spanish to him. then i heard her invite him inside. i made him wait a good while. I changed into my black beatles shirt and some blue jeans. my bangs were soo messed up but i couldnt fix em. i stepped out into the living room where he was sitting at on the couch. i said hey....and sorry i took long and sat on the other couch. he said it was ok. i acted casual which was good and i seemed more outgoing than usual becuz usually when i see him im shy as fuck and quiet.

he wore a blue/brownish checkered shirt with black pants and a brown shirt under. he looked soo cute. his hair grew longer and omg hes just finnne. i told him "you look cute...actually you are cute." he said thanks. so yeah we did small talk. asked eachother what we been up to. he said he was staying at his friends house "2 blocks away" pssh right. he said hes been staying over at frenz house that his "aunt" kicked him out a long time ago. he said its cool becuz he gets to do whatever he wants and do whoever he wants. :| i said "thats nice."

he'd ask me what i was thinking and blah blah. i told him 3 pickup lines lol the milk one HEY BABY IM MILK AND ILL DO UR BODY GOOD. the skittles one MY MOUTH IS LIKE SKITTLES WANNA TASTE THE RAINBOW and the door one I WISH U WERE A DOOR SO I CAN BANG ON U ALL DAY.
hah then like he'd look at my boob and said something like theyre growing im like eh i wanna make em small.
he then like grabbed my boob for a second i just laughed.

we spent most of the time in the living room i knew what he was thinking. i know what he wanted but since i looked crappy and didnt shower earlier i felt nasty so i like kinda avoided that subject. he said he was leaving so i asked him "do you want my number?" he said "i was just about to ask you for it." i dont think he was. so i said brb and went to my room to write the number. he followed me without me knowing.

i gave him my number and we stood next to eachother talking. he was began to talk dirty to me. whisper dirty things in my ear. he's good becuz it was turning me on. he'd say things like he wanted to lick me between my legs and play with me and get me wet and lick me until i cum in his mouth and he swallows lmao
i'd just blush and giggle
then he got close to me said something sexual i dont remember and he kissed me.
that took me by surprise becuz we havent kissed in years i cant even remember the last time we kissed.
but we didnt kiss long i dont like kissing so we prolly kissed for like 5 seconds.

we had the door open becuz if i closed it i knew my mom would suspect something so he like told me to "feel it" so i put my hand in his pants and felt his hard dick. i said it was nice. lmao xD then he took it out and i just played with it kind of. i knew what he wanted but i didnt want to do that i hadnt know where that dicks been all these months.

after a long while i finally just went on my knees and blew the fuck outta him. he moaned alot and would moan my name and look at me and say i look sexy and then he said that i give the best blowjobs ever. he said it twice. i felt proud for some reason lol

he laid down on the bed while i blew him more then i heard my moms car leave but i still acted as if my mom was still here. ...

he asked me if he could play with me i said maybe. but of course eventually i gave in. i told him under the blankets, so we took off our pants and undies and he got on top of me and put his finger in me first then he insert his dick which felt soo good. only for a few seconds before he took it out and put the condom on. then he began banging me hard which was good and different since he usually does it slow. he stopped and said we're making noise then he continued softer. after about maybe 3 mins or so or less >.< he stopped and said he was in pain that the condom cut him and he was bleeding some. he said it was no fun so he went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. i put my pants back on and yeah that was that.

i told him he should come back tonite that i could sneak him into my room. at first earlier he had said we'll see, then he said i dont know then he said he cant but then he said he'll see. i told him to call me like at 10pm tonite he said he would...lets see if he does...

so yeah then he said he gotta go so he walked out and oddly disappeared so fast. i went to the office window to see if he was lying to me to see if he'd go in the blue blazer he usually comes in but by the time i reached the window he disappeared. freakydeaky much?

~while we were doing it, he stopped to suck on my left boob lol i feel weird i dont like my boobs or my body im so self conscience. esp now that i got fatter. :|

i told him he should sign my wall. expecting him to say no, he said he'll do it later and bring his own marker. hah yeah right. i wish he would just sign my fucken wall.
i pointed out the gummybear on my wall and i told him it got hard lol he said "they call me gummybear becuz when u touch me i get hard." lmao xD

oh and another thing i member is that i asked him if he heard the Lollipop song. lick it like a lollipop and he said yeah so when i was going down on him i said "lick it like a lollipop" lol im such a nerd.

so yeah.. now lets wait and see how long it takes before I hear or see him again...

~I just checked his myspace
ugh he has Adriana added and 4 guys friends including Homer. ugh

His last logins says Nov 13 >:(

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Meeting Noah Bastian again Liquid Zu concert, Alex's birthday [03 Oct 2008|01:54am]

My dad took Leslie and me to the Liquid Zu concert celebrating for Alex’s b-day in San Fernando Valley in this bar called The Tryst.

We left at 4:30 or so and finally arrived like at 6 something. There was major traffic.

We found this little round table in front of the stage. There was Liquid Zu getting ready; soundcheck.

There was hardly anyone. Me and Leslie were the only “teens” there. There was 2 sides. The “concert side” and the bar side. We weren’t allowed to go to the bar side.

Alex was mostly on the bar side getting drunk ;-) we talked to Andy. We asked him if it was alright if we could videotape and he said he didn’t mind. So, yay we could videotape!

7, some people showed up but not as many as we thought. So they started performing. Me and Leslie were soo hoping that we would see Noah Bastian (our fave actor) we kept looking around to see if we’d see him cuz we thought he would go since it was Alex’s birthday, but we didn’t see him :o(

I was looking around and I saw my good online friend, Jeanine. I was surprised to see her. I didn’t know she was coming. She said she came ALONE! That takes a lot of guts driving so far all alone! LOL she told her parents that she was going to The Mall, when she really came to the concert.

Then more and more people were coming and all watched Liquid Zu perform.

Then, they like, “stopped” to sing Alex Happy Birthday. The audience sang along. The floor was covered with balloons and they wore hats and gave Alex a King crown for him to wear. Then, they brought this BIG BOOB CAKE. It was soo funny! It was a boob and Alex was like, “YEAH!” (His father owns a bakery, so they baked it) He said, “People under 16, cover your eyes!” LMAO! Alex was funny, but drunk. He didn’t really sing well, he was signing like whatever and kept messing up, but it was alright. Pretty funny. :o)

Jeanine had told us that Noah was on the “Visitor” list, so he HAD to come, if he didn’t then it’d be messed up.

We kept looking and looking and looking for Noah but he wasn’t there :o(

AT the last song, Jeanine was dancing with the group’s manager, she danced real good. Go Jeanine! (They were the only ones dancing)

Then, the concert ended we me and Les got soo sad that we didn’t see Noah once again. We haven’t seen him since July 7, 2001- 5 months ago! And our wish was to see him once again! We were disappointed.

The band stayed there to kick it so me, Les, and Jeanine went to take pix with Alex. We wished him Happy Birthday and got pictures with him.

Then, we like, said hi to the whole group; Rod, Billy, Andy, and Dave. Then Andy was chatting with us and there were a lil group of girls in a circle kinda, with their cellphones, making the band say hi to their friends, so Andy said “Let me go over there too” it was funny, you had to be there.

It was barely like about 8:50-9pm or so and we were there kicking it with Jeanine, Angie (from the LZ site) and Angie’s friend.

I was desperate to see Noah. I kept looking at the entrance door to see if he’d come, but since the concert was over, what were the chances?

Then, I saw lemon-yellowish spikes and I immediately knew it had to be Noah. I just ran towards where he was without telling Leslie (I guess I was too anxious that I forgot to tell her) but Leslie got the picture so she ran after me. He went to the bar side :o( Leslie screamed his name, but he didn’t hear.

So, we went back to where Jeanine and Angie were to see if we’d see him but we didn’t. it was like, he disappeared! People there were making fun of us cause of how excited we got and screamed “omigod!” but screw them, we didn’t care, we were just soo happy that we saw him again. We were like soo happy and freaked out, we couldn’t calm down! We were too happy to get serious. Yes, I’ll admit, we acted like MAJOR teenyboppers, but c’mon! Our favorite actor and singer who we haven’t seen for 5 months! He means everything to us! We love him so!

We kept looking around and we didn’t see him. We wondered where he had went. Then, there we saw him, standing there talking to some woman. He was wearing this grayish/blueish short sleeve tight shirt that had red lettering that said 666 and something on the back. He had a white sorta long sleave under, with light blue jeans and black and white checkered shoes.

His spikes were skinny but with yellowish, blondish.

We went to the “line” (The line between the concert side and the bar side) and Leslie screamed his name. He saw her and made this surprised look. He remembered her! He was going to come thru the table, but this chick was talking to him, so they kept talking. We waited.

Then, he was finally coming our side, but just as he was about to, he spotted Jeanine and he stayed to talk to Her. But Leslie and me just waited for him to come.

They kept on talking. They talked ad talked and talked that we were soo anxious to go ad talk to him, so we went over to where they were.

They talked and then Noah saw us and said “I remember you!” and Leslie gave him this great big hug and was telling him how much she loved him and how happy she was to see him and etc. He was all smiling. He was sooo nice! He said to Leslie, “You’re soo cute!”

Leslie was hugging him soo much that I wanted my turn! LoL

Then, when she finally stopped, I said “You gave me Tigger” (just so he’d remember) I hugged him. While hugging him, I told him, “I’m soo happy to see you. I thought I’ll never see you again. I’ve missed you soo much!” and he was like, rocking me. We were hugging, but rocking a bit. Sigh.

After we hug he told us that we looked the same. I noticed his checkered shoes ;-) I told him he had cool shoes and he laughed or something.

Then Jeanine said “I hate to bring this up, but what’s up with you and Kelly?” (Kelly was his girlfriend of a year, but they broke up in September) and he was cool enough to be telling us the reason why they broke up.

He said that she was too obsessive. That she was telling him what he can or can’t do, like she was bossing him around and that she wouldn’t let fans get near him or something because she’d get jealous.He was telling us how she was so obsessive and crazy because she wanted him all to herself. In his words she was like "selfish" He said he is much happier now that he's not with her.He said he wanted to stay friends with her.But that she didn't or something like that.It's sad they made a very cute couple. Things just didn't work out between them.

Then he said that he recently saw her and that she was giving him dirty looks.

Wow. I’m not against Kelly, because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have first met Noah back in July, but I just couldn’t believe that they’re not together. They were soo cute together!

Noah has another girl. She has blond hair. I didn’t think she was pretty, but if he’s happy, then that’s good.

Then, we wanted pictures with him, so Jeanine asked him if we could take pictures, and of course, he did. Jeanine took one first, then it was my turn!

When I went next to him to pose, I said in a low tone, “Just like old times” and he heard me and repeated me,” Just like old times.” And he started laughing. He was laughing a lot.

Then, he was telling us that he’s going to be coming out on Maybe It’s Me, more. YAY! And that he’s making a rock demo. And that his mom is making a NEW site. A solo site for his real fans. Not those motherfucking haters.

Then, I got my video camera out and Leslie was recording him because she had a better view. He looked at the camera and said hello. :-P then he asked, “Is that the same camera as last time?” LOL he remembered the camera we used back in July! He has a real good memory!

Then, I remembered about my best online friend, Stephanie. I decided to call her on my cell so Noah could say “hi” to her.

I called her and said, “Hey Steph, someone here wants to say hi.” And she said ok and hold. I was waiting for Noah to stop talking to the girls. She was holding for quite a while, but I’m sure that it was worth it.

When it was quite, I gave Noah the phone and said “my friend wants to say hi.” And he said “Hello!” and then he said, “Ok bye” and he gave me the phone and he was saying that she said hi.

I then said to her “That was Noah!…He’s sooo fine!” she sounded happy. I was telling her how fine and irresistible he looked. Then I had to hang up with her cause I couldn’t really hear and plus, I wanted to know what Noah was talking about now.

But then he like, left to the bar side with these women. Then Alex went with them and it woulda been a cool picture of Noah and Alex together but, they were on the Bar side.

They just were at the table talking. Then I told Leslie that we should wait for Noah by the doorway so that when he leaves, he won’t miss us and also,so he wouldn’t think that we’d be stalking him to say bye. So, we went by the door and JUST when we went by the door, Noah went just where we were to Jeanine and said he was leaving so he hugged her goodbye. We got mad, so we went back with Jeanine. At that time, Noah had gone back to the bar side. And then, once we came with Jeanine, he left! With like 2 chicks. If we went after them, it would have seemed weird, like he woulda thought we were stalking him or something. We got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed that we didn’t get to say goodbye. We felt like crying! Cause who knows if we’d ever see him again! It took 5 months for us to see him again, I hope we get to see him again soon!

We lastly saw Noah when he was turning from a corner and then when he left in his blue bmw.

It was sooooooooo cool and fun and a happy moment in the beginning, but at the end, we left sad because we didn’t get to say goodbye. It’s like we barely missed him by leaving and then by coming back. But the bright side on this is that we saw him. We got to see him again this year.

2001 has been the BEST year for me. I hope 2002 will be a good year too.

I’ll just never forget how Happy and excited we were for seeing Noah again. You could see it in our eyes how HAPPY we were. :-)
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Liquid Zu concert at the Whisky [03 Oct 2008|01:53am]
Sunday, Nov. 04, 2001 - 7:37 p.m.

Leslie’s step dad took us (me, Les, and her mom) to the Whisky at around 5pm. He dropped us off and we first went to the Tower Records store to check out some cd’s cuz Noone was at the Whisky yet. It was too early when the show started at 9:30pm.

Then after, we went to the front of the Whisky entrance and we saw Dave standing alone in the front smoking. I asked him if we could already get inside and he said he didn’t know, but to just go inside. So we did and the bands were all setting up. We (and 2 other girls) were the ONLY girls there.

We just stood there by the girl’s bathroom watching the people set up. Some time has passed and then I saw Alex outside. So I told Leslie that we should go outside to talk to him.

So we went and he was standing on the corner of the Whisky entrance alone smoking.

I said to him, “Hi Alex”

And he said “hey, thanks for coming.”

And he just kept smoking.

I kept thinking what else should I ask or say because this was our big chance since noone was talking to him.

Then I just asked him “Do you know if Noah is coming?”

And he said, “He’s supposed to.” And he took out his cell phone and was calling someone and went inside.

Then we went inside just to watch them set up again.

It was funny, you could tell Alex was sooooooooooo bored! We watched him by the girl’s bathroom and he just walked around in circles.

Like, he would walk to this box and look at it, then turn and walk around and talk to some friends, then go walking back thinking if he should move the instruments lol and he kept going around in circles over and over. Then he would sit down on the box, then get up and walk around in circles again.And he would notice us lol, it was just funny! LMAO, also, he was wearing a shirt called "I'm dateing my hand" LMFAO!! reminded me of Mark in the songs M&Ms.

Then, since he obviously looked soo bored, me and my friend thought that we should go up to him and ask for autographs.

So we got our pictures, posters, etc. and just as we were gonna go up to him, he went to talk to his friends. So, I wanted to go drink my water I had left inside this one porn thing where u pay 25 cents and get some porn paper, well, I didn’t want to be carrying my water bottle everywhere, so my friend Leslie said to just leave it in the pron thing cuz noone will get it there and that’s why I left it there.

Well, anyways, we went outside so I can get my water and it was way in back and I was trying to get it and my friend was all like saying “OoOh, you slut!” but like kidding around, and then she turned around and saw Alex right there! I quickly took out my water, cuz it really LOOKED like I was trying to get the porn shit when I was just getting my water. He was looking at me weird.

And my friend told him that I was just getting my water. And then she asked him to sign her pictures and she gave him like a stack of them and he was signing them all, then I gave him mine’s to sign and he did. While he was signing them, my friend was saying “Noah already signed them. We met him. He gave us his cats.”

And I’m thinking, ‘uh, Leslie, why r u telling him that, he doesn’t care!’

And he kept continuing with “We went to his house” and he looked at her like, “You were stalking him?” Way. And she said, “He took us” and she was just telling him about us meeting Noah.

In the vma 2000 picture Alex asked us like, “You guys were in New York?” and I had to tell him that we bought that picture off of ebay and he asked how much it was and I told him $10. Then he said “there, that’s all of them” and Leslie asked him if Noah was coming and Alex said “Yeah. He is” then, his bandmates and other people were walking and Alex said something like, “You guys staying for the show?” and we’re like, of course and he said he had to go. And he went with the big group of friends (including his bandmates) and they went to the Chinese place, then they got out and went all the way down the block, then they came back and went inside the Chinese place. It was funny that they were going up and down. Me and Leslie and her annoying mother were waiting outside the Whisky for them , so I can ask the WHOLE band to sign my Liquid Zu picture I had taken of them from the last concert.

We waited for a long ass time standing outside. Leslie’s mom kept whining and shit, it was annoying me. She was soo fucken annoying! I don’t know how Leslie put’s up with her. Her mom kept whining that she wanted to sit down, so her and Leslie went to the coffee shop table that had chairs and sat while I continued standing all alone, waiting for Liquid Zu. Then, I saw Leslie coming back and pointing across the street and we saw that Liquid Zu were across the street walking inside AMPM and some were carrying “Hustler” bags (including Alex). LOL they went inside the HUSTLER store.

After, they were pushing the button to cross the street and Alex would stare at us. LOL I bet he was thinking like, “damn, they’re still standing there?”

Cuz they were taking forever!!!! And we just kept waiting for them…

Then, they were crossing but, they went through the back way. But we still waited outside because people were already starting to make a line and I guess we couldn’t get in anymore.

But then after a while, each band member would come out and I went up to them and asked them to sign my picture which they did. They were soo cool and nice and awesome!

Then, I asked Alex for a picture and Leslie took it for me.

Alex was wearing a hat that he wasn’t wearing earlier, then Leslie noticed that it said “HUSTLER” and lol that means, that he barely bought the hat from that store.

Some other band was playing and Alex went outside and I told Leslie that when Alex comes in that I’ll ask him to take a picture with her. Then, I asked Alex when he came in if he could take a picture with Leslie, cuz she wanted a pic with him and he posed for it without saying anything. Later, more time passed and then the show was starting. We then saw Jeanine and her mom and mom’s friend just when LZ were about to perform. We went to the front and were right there real close to Andy and Alex. They sang pretty damn good and totally kicked ass! They sang about 5 songs I think. And it’s funny, Rod, and Andy were making funny faces at us and to eacother. Also, Alex would look at us, like making his eye watch us it was funny. Me and Leslie were screaming as loud as we can.

After they sang, we went outside to where they were packing their equipment. We waited a while because they looked real busy. We wanted to get pictures with Alex so we waited til we thought was a perfect time to ask. Also, we wanted Jeanine to get a picture with Alex and we were all too shy to ask so her mom asked him like “hey, can you please take a picture with her because we want to leave already?” and he said “sure” and they posed. Then, we took a few more pictures. Then we said goodbye to Jeanine because she was leaving.

Rod was next to Alex and I rememberd that we should ask them to sing us (me and Leslie) Happy Birthday so I tapped Rod and asked him and he said when they are done with packing their stuff.

So I decided to ask Alex, but he looked too busy so we waited. Then, we noticed his guitar bag. It was black, but what we noticed was the lettering. It said in white lettering, “Parker Guitars” and we thought it was pretty funny because Alex used to play a 2Gether member The rebel, “Mickey Parke” Parker= Parke AKA Mickey Parke. SO it was funny in a ironic way. There was also a 2Gether sticker of the band pointing out the elevator on some case.

Then, I called Alex and he looked at me and I waved for him to come (he was just like 5 feet away) and I asked him, “Will you do me a honor and sing to me and my friend “Happy Birthday”? Because our birthday is on Monday…?” and he said “Aaa, I can’t because of my voice, it’s all sore . (from singing) You should have told me before and I would have sang to you on stage!” and he was giving me The “Homeboy” handshake.

And I said “really? You would have?”

And he said “yeah!”

And he asked if we were going to the ball game, but I said we couldn’t. it was too far.

Then he said he had to go, so I just went and hugged him. But, I gave him the longest hug ever! I’d say it was about 35 seconds or so. I didn’t want to let go!

I said while hugging him, “You rocked! Thanks….I’m afraid I might not see you again….I can’t let go!…I can’t let go!…...I can’t let go!” and while hugging, he would try to like, get off lol but I still kept hugging him and he was making this noise like a “aooooooaooooo” like yeah you hugging me but like he wanted to stop hugging because I was hugging him too long. Then, when I finally stopped my friend was like “Record man! That was a record! I’ll never forget that!”

And he left to these other girls.

While Leslie’s mom kept nagging and whining, he ignored her and just watched Alex. Then Rod came up to me and was singing Happy Birthday but in a real good way! He sang sooo good!

Then, girls were videotaping Alex and he was doing all these FUNNY expressions! He crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. LOL, there was this one expression where he did like the “Eat Out” sign. (Perverted) LMAO!!

Then, Leslie went up to take last pictures then when It was my turn, after we took like 2 pictures, I was gonna ask Alex for a kiss. I mean, since he couldn’t sing for me, that could be the second choice of him to do. And I was really nervous!

Here I go, I thought to myself…..I said “Alex….” And he looked at me like, he knew I wanted something. LOL (we just kept bugging him)

“-…..Can you give me a kiss, since you couldn’t sing for me?…”I asked

and he looked at me and I said, “on the cheek” cuz I knew he was thinking lips and he wouldn’t have done it.

SO then he gave me a wet juicy kiss on my left cheek! WOOHOO! Leslie was surprised, too bad she didn’t get a picture of him kissing me.

Right after he kissed me, I hugged him all excitedly saying “thank you Alex!”

And then, he stayed for a lil bit then he left.

Then, we were having a hard time trying to think of how to get home. The buses didn’t pass by at that time (it was 11pm) and Leslie’s mom didn’t have enough money for a taxi. They needed change for a payphone so I asked Andy ( Liquid Zu guitarist) if he had any change he can give us for a payphone so we could call our “ride” (Leslie’s stepdad)

He was nice enough and just let us use his cell phone. Andy rocks!

Leslie called and her stepdad was all pissed off so she just hung up on him.

There we were stranded in Hollywood. Leslie’s mom kept BITCHIN and bitching. So she went and even asked Rod for a ride!! It was too embaressing for us! He said he couldn’t (because we lived far; 28 miles away) then when Andy heard about our situation, he said that he couldn’t leave us just there. That someone will give us a ride.

But then a taxi came and Leslie’s mom made us go in and we took a taxi home. Leslie said it was $60 and Leslie’s mom only had like $20 so they had to go get their rent money and pay the driver. They had dropped me off on Suva because if they would have dropped me off right at my house, it would have costed them more.

So, there I was walking, alone, in the dark at 12 am in a main street. My feet were sooo tried from standing soo much. And I crossed the street when I heard a beep from a familiar car. It was my family! They had come back from San Diego the same day they had left, so while I was walking to the car, I kept praying for them not to be mad for walking alone, in the night at 12 am! They said what are you doing walking at this house?? And I explained the whole story so, they didn’t get as much as I thought they would.

Then I arrived home and finally rested.
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meeting blink 182 [03 Oct 2008|01:51am]

Me, Leslie, and my sister Crystal got there like around 5:20 or so. We went looking for a parking across the street and went looking for the Blink 182 book just incase they wouldn’t let us inside without it. We didn’t have the book so we went inside 2 different bookstores to buy it.

Crystal was telling us how Mark was on KROQ at 7:30am how he kept complaining how early it was lol. That he went on to tell about the book signing blink were doing in Costa Mesa.

After, we went to wait in the loooooong line. There were 300 people with the wristbands who have been there since 4pm and then plus, like around 30-40 people ahead of us. So, there were 340 people in front of us and the signing was ONLY 3 hours! Me and Leslie kept crossing our fingers hoping that we would make it inside to meet Blink.

Crystal had made friends with a 16 year old girl name Ashley who was standing in front of us. She was a Tom fanatic; she called him her “Walking Orgasm” lmao! She said she had come from this 1 city but it’s like farther than where we came from. She came from like, close to East LA.

It was barely 6 and we were soo bored and tired of just standing there in the cold and then, with such luck, it started to sprinkle. So me and Leslie went back to the car to get the umbrellas. lol I slipped with the slippery sidewalk then I slipped again.

More and more waiting and Me and Leslie went looking for Jolene becuz I had told her the day b4 that if I saw her, I would go up to her to say hi. I didn’t see her, or atleast, I 4got how she looked like. But we saw Roger. We ALWAYS see him everywhere we go now! lol it’s just funny.

We kept waiting and waiting and more time passed by, but it was going by soooo slow! So me and Leslie went to the book store across the street to get some water. That bookstore had a cd store and a lil coffe shop! It was like this BIG HUGE libarary, they had all THESE books!

After we got our water, I wanted to like, PRACTICE to what I was going to tell Blink. My plan, was to ask them (since mine and Leslie’s b-day is just few days away) to sing us HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And either way, whatever they’ll say, we just wanted to see their expressions.

I kept stuttering and messing up cuz I wasn’t prepared on to what I was gonna ask. Leslie said she would go along with me.

We went back in line and waited more. My sis was all mad cuz we “took long”. She also said that Jolene with Roger, was looking for me and she had ironically missed me again but to tell me she said hi.

Then we heard a whole bunch of girls screaming and them like, running towards the parking lot, so we knew it was Blink coming. We went running and while running, this 1 dude said, “Destiny’s Child!” LMAO! It was funny cuz it was really blink and he was being, like sarcastic.

We went and there we saw a circle of girls surrounding somedude.

Everyone was on the side of them while I was standing alone trying to get my camera.

It was Tom, Travis, and 1 security dude. All the girls were screaming and taking pics but I couldn’t get my camera out! They were walking too damn fast! I like, really didn’t see Travis, but I SURELY saw Tom. So when Tom was walking and getting closer and closer to me, I said to him, “Tom, why won’t you take pictures?” and he looked at me in a, “Oh, what a nice thing to say” lol I don’t know why I said that! And then, they hurried inside the Virgin mega store where Blink were gonna sign the books they had written, including Anne; Mark’s sister.

Well, me ,Leslie, my sis and some other fans ran after them inside the store but they quickly went to the signing room to where we couldn’t enter yet. Then, Les was all screaming, “OMG! I TOUCHED THEM!!!” it was soo funny, she was acting like a teenybopper (no offence Leslie) {Well, I’m sure we ALL, yes including YOU reader, act a lil teenybopperish } and she was telling me how Tom said “hey” to her.

We waited and waited. And then, they have started letting peeps in.

U can actually see Blink with Anne signing becuz they were by the glass windows and doors and u can see them good, if there weren’t many people in the way (fans and security bastards)

We took some pictures from outside but we’re not sure if they will come out since with the reflection of the glass.

In order, it was first Tom, then Anne, then Mark, and then Travis. Travis was wearing this red famous stars and straps hat with a black sweater. (I 4got what pants he wore)

Mark had on a light blue shirt with some SHORTS! OK! Shorts on a really cold night? His hair was like, growing out a bit. And his blue eyes just stood out.

Anne, with her blonde hair and (peach?) sweater, when I first saw her, I thought she was Mark’s mom! She looked OLD! (No offence) but damn!

And Tom, he had like this light orange shirt with black pants.

We took some pics, then went back in line. After a while, me and Les were getting hot so we took off our jackets and Les had a black tantop. I took off my shirt, and under, I had a black spaghetti strap tank top. People looked at us as if we were crazy. But we were hot!

Since Ashley’s father was waiting in line, we decided to go back and see Blink and take more pics. The damn security bastards said only 1 item for them to sign and NO cameras!

We went and watched the f ans get all excited and act all “Teenish” we were laughing at the teenyboppers face! We mostly watched Blink sign autographs.

Time was passing by, it was now 8pm and then we see Blink getting up. And at first, we automatically think that they were leaving, but the “nice” security dude said they were just having their bathroom break. Tom went to the bathroom and Travis and Mark were JUST right there!!! They were there talking, (resting their tired hands) and then < cuz of all the fans screaming, Travis went to talk to 1 of his friends and Mark saw all of us and was like, running towards us! Like as if he was gonna come outside and he was all smiling with this funny dopey face but then, he like, laughed and turned inside the Virgin megastore! LMAO! He had tricked all of us! He made us think that he was coming towards us, but then at the last second, he didn’t.

A few mintues passed and there were STILL fans WITH the wristbands in line! And we were the non-wristband people so we kept HOPING that we can get a chance to make it inside to meet them.

Mark kept leaning and he once jumped over the table and he once put his legs on the signing table.

Then, this 1 dude from Blink182.com (the dude that ALWAYS records EVERYTHING of blink to put on their official site) was videotaping as usual and I told him, “Hey, you’re that dude from the site.” And he’s like, yeah and then he had this videocamera on us. I didn’t know what to say so I just said HEY and lol Ashley was saying how Tom is her “Walking Orgasm” and then I said that it was mine and my friend’s b-day and he said happy b-day to us. He is pretty cool.

A bit more time passed and they had FINALLY finished the people with the wristbands and now it was OUR turn. They were getting the ppl with no wristbands and were telling everyone to get in a single line. Crystal and Ashley went back to our spot, but me and Leslie were smart enough and went and cut in front of these older people. We were about 10th people away and where Crystal and Ashley were at like, 30th people away. The people we had cut in front were saying “hey we were here! They’re cutting!” and blah blah, but me and Les didn’t move. We acted like if that was our spot the whole time, but I was getting nervous if the security dude made us go back in the back of the line. But, they didn’t notice us.

We were trying to look to see if we would see Crystal and Ashley but they were too behind and if 1 of us left to go looking for them, then the security bastard would make us go in the back of the line cuz they didn’t care if u were saving ur friend’s spot, the securites were all assholes!

Me and Les were getting ready, putting on our makeup and thinking of what to say to Blink. Lol Les said she wanted to ask them what they were gonna dress as in Halloween while I’d ask the b-day thing.

The line moved faster than I had realized and b4 I knew it, we were in front of the line and we were gonna be next!

I felt soo nervous! I felt shakey! And I wasn’t even ready yet! The bastard security told us to put our cameras away. Then, they led us in and there we were, the 1st people of the 5 ppl crowd. I walked slow cuz I was trying to take out the blink book from the bag so they can sign in.

There was Tom, looking straight at me waiting for me to give him the book. He looked stiffed. Like he just sat there all straight and like, he didn’t really move. I gave him the book and so did Leslie and he signed it quickly and passed it to Anne.

This was it. I was a bit ready to ask. I looked at Tom and said “Hi Tom” and he said hi back. Leslie said hi to him too. Then I said (I don’t really remember exact words) “Hey, our birthdays are just a few days and we were wondering that if you can sing us HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” And Leslie said please. And he was like, thinking about it, but like, thinking fast becuz the next thing I heard was:





He had sung to us! When he was singing, he was signing fast because there were other people waiting and he was moving his head sideways it was funny. But he sang soo cute in a fast, loud voice! We said thanks and Leslie asked for a hug and he was just about getting up to give us our hugs when that damn fucken mean ass security said “NO hugs, only handshakes!” SO Tom shook Leslie’s hand while saying “sorry.”

I skipped Anne lol. I went to Mark next. I said, “Hey, it’s our birthday in a few days and if you could please sing us happy birthday” well, something like that, I really don’t remember. And Mark said turing to look at Tom, like in a laughing mode, “I just heard Tom singing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

And, well, that was a no I guess cuz he didn’t sing to us like Tom did. Then I had realized that they were done signing our books! They had signed them soo fast! But I didn’t care I shook Anne’s hand after Leslie did. Leslie also got to shake Mark’s hand, I didn’t cuz he was busy signing. Leslie said that Mark shook her hand hard lol. Then, there I was , just standing there looking at Travis who was done signing our books and I said, “That’s it? Oh you’re done?” and we shook his hands and we didn’t want to leave! LoL we were stalling by getting lil “ATTICUS” stickers that were on the signing table. And you could tell on there eyes, that they were looking at us like, can u please leave? way. LMAO it was funny! We just stood there for like 5 seconds, I think, picking out stickers in front of Mark. But then the bastard security was telling us to go. So we went and it was a big store we almost got lost trying to get out. Leslie said that Travis said “bye girls!” to us, but like I said, I don’t remember…. Even like, 15 mintues after all this, I forgot most of everything what had happened!…I have such a bad memory…well anyways….

We went out and saw Crystal and Ashley and told them about our encounter and how Tom sang to us. Ashley was all screaming like, “OMG! MY Tom??? He sang you Happy birthday???” and they were all just excited cuz they were getting closer. But Crystal was all saying like, “why didn’t you call us?” and I was explaining it to her.

And me and Les were thinking, hey maybe we can meet them again! So we waited in line with Crystal and Ashley again. But then, me and Les just went to sit on the bench. Then, like at 8:50, they said that Blink were done. And it was gonna be Crystal and Ashley next! It wasn’t fair. There were still like, 50 people left, but damn! That “finished” 10 mintues early and the fans that didn’t get to meet them were all disappointed. I would be too! And Ashley was even crying! I felt bad for her. Cuz she REALLY wanted to meet them; especially Tom and she had traveled so far!

Well, after the security were all closing the doors, we ran towards the parking lot to wait for them to go in the limo.

We waited, and so did other fans but there were like, too many different ways from the parking lot where they could be so I decided to go to the side where noone was while Leslie had stayed where the limo was and all the fans waiting. We waited and waited and there were all these fans waiting too. More and more gathered to wait.

Then, the next thing I heard were fans screaming and I tunred to look to the other side and there were people taking pictures. I saw the flash so I knew it had to be Blink! So I ran all the way to the other side ,but by the time I had gotton there, like, they had already gotten inside the limo :*(

And there were inside the black limo and I just flipped them off from the back and Leslie was saying “U guys suck!” while they drove away. Leslie said that it was Tom and Travis etting in the limo with these 2 BIG security guys that shoved her so they ca get thru and that Tom was walking like a “celebrity” haha! She said she took some real close up pics of him, but that when she took it, he turned his face so it’ll be a pic from his side I guess cuz she said he was looking at the camera. Lucky her to see them again! If I were there, I wouldn’t give a shit about the damn security, I woulda went to hug Tom or something and of course, taking pics, but I didn’t get any :*( only far away pics from the window/glass.

They took off and I was pretty sure that Mark and Anne had token off too, like before them I bet but we still waited but Crystal was just in her Mood. I felt bad for her not meeting them, but atleast she saw them….She was always moody thru the whole way going to the place and leaving. She blames us I bet becuz we didn’t “call her” but like I said, if we woulda went, the damn security wouldn’t of have let us go back.

Me and Leslie were soo happy that we got to meet them again. We thought since we kept crossing our fingers together and hoping soo much (she also prayed at church) that we made it. It was very good luck!

Well, maybe next time Crystal can meet them again. But I really had fun and was real happy that Tom sang happy birthday to me and my friend.
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Liquid Zu concert [03 Oct 2008|01:46am]

around 7:50pm me, Leslie, my sis Crystal and Lelsie's mom went to the Hard Rock Cafe cuz we wanted to see Liquid Zu perform. Liquid Zu is Alex Solowtiz's (from 2Ge+her) Band.

We got there at around 8:20pm and we went inside looking for the stage, and there it was on the right side and there was the band. All 5 members were there like, doing little practice. When we first saw Alex, me and Les got all shocked and shy and nervous and went outside. Then we came back in but saw Alex again and freaked out and went back outside. It was just funny cuz they obviously saw us.

We went inside and found a table sorta close to the stage but that we could only see their backs.I felt that I was dreaming becuz I couldn't believe this was happening!

ME and Les were looking for Steph cuz we knew she was gonna be there. I didn’t see her, so I was looking to see if Noah or Evan was there. Nope. Didn’t see them either.

Then, me and Les decided to go and ask to take a picture but we were too nervous and shy. We just sat on our table and watched the band practice. Then a waiter told us we had to order food in order to keep that table so Crystal and Leslie both ordered ice cream shakes. Crystal’s shake was normal size but Leslie’s, wow! It was the BIGGEST shake I’ve ever seen! It had ice cream, fudge, bananas the whole banana split thang and plus, cake!

Then, Steph saw us and said hey and we met her and her friend Jessica. Then, we kept staring at the band, but mostly at Alex. Then, Alex went outside (I’m sure for a smoke.) and we waited by the doorway for him to come back. Then, afterawhile, he did. And he was standing there talking to someone and us 4 were like telling each other “Ask him!” so then I asked “hey Alex , nice to meet you.” and he said “hey” and I said “Can we take a picture of you?” and he said “Sure.” Then, he was standing alone and Leslie was getting her Polaroid camera and he asked “By myself?” and we said yeah. SO we took it, then I told Leslie to take one of me and him and she did and he smelled like he has been smoking :(. Then she took one of her and him. And after it developed, she asked him to sign it and he did.Then he said he had to go to do some checkpoint or something like that, that he’d be back to sign autographs and pics after the show. So he went and like, they were getting ready to begin the show.

We were getting our cameras to start taking pictures of them performing. Then, when we were walking through this light that makes the white you’re wearing glow, and my scrunche was glowing a lot and that’s when I noticed mywhite bra was glowing through my shirt! I felt embarrassed but it’s funny.

Then, the show was starting and they were right their in front of us. We were soo close and taking all these pictures of them! Alex was the singer and Rod was the drummer while the other 3 were guitarists.

I don’t know how many songs they sang but it seemed pretty much a lot. There was a friend videotaping everything and I got mad that I didn’t bring my video camera cause I didn’t think we could.

People were dancing until this dude told them they couldn’t dance anymore which was funny . And everyone was cheering the band on!

While introducing each song, Alex would change his voice and make it high like a chipmunk and he sounded soo cute!

Then, like around 9:50 or so, it was over L

While the band were packing their stuff away, we were waiting to meet them. To meet Rod and Alex. They looked real busy packing up so we waited til they were done. That’s when I called Rod over to us 4 girls and he came. He asked for our names. I said my name and he shook my hand and everyone said their names and when Steph told him her name, he gave her a big hug. Because he was expecting to meet her since they talk all the time online.

Then we took pics with him and I don’t really remember the rest.

Well, then we all went outside looking for Alex because he had gone outside and we couldn’t find him. We thought he had probably ditched us and left but then we saw him coming so we ran back inside so he wouldn’t be thinking that we were stalkers or something.

He came and Les asked for his autographs and for more pictures. I asked too. Then Steph and Jessica did too and after, like, he seemed busy talking to his friends and family so we let him be for a lil bit lol. Then we met his sister I forgot her name but it start with an ‘A’. She said “Yeah, I’m Alex’s sister.” And she was pretty. Then, Steph and her friend had to leave when the band were taking pictures of the whole band.I took a few but I had ran out of film and plus, I really couldn’t fit the whole band.

Then, we kept bugging Alex for more pictures lol . I told him, “I know we’re bugging you and all but we’d like to take more pictures with you.” or something like that and he said “No no no you’re not. It’s alright.”

Then, while posing for the picture I was thinking about asking him if he could do a little “Mickey P.” act for us, but he seemed moody and busy to be doing that. Also, when me and Les were both taking a picture with Alex, I was on the right side while Les was on the left. And of course Alex was in the middle . Well, anyways, I wanted to put my arms around Alex for this picture, so I put my arms around him, but It was from the side, so I didn’t really know where I had put my arms but I did feel skin. Then I had realized that I had put my arms arms around Alex’s neck! SO I was like, almost choking him LOL! So he got his hands, and got mine’s and put them more lower to like his waist side. LoL how silly am I?

We took a few more and then he went off to his friends again. LOL we also saw Roger this asian dude we see everywhere we go for a Blink concert or taping or signing. It was funny, my sis dared Les to go and ask Roger for some Famous Stars and Straps stickers because Roger is friends with Travis from Blink 182. And she had guts and did.

Then after, we were talking to Rod and then Alex came up to Rod and they were talking and then I of course took out my camera and said “Heyyyy lemme take a picture of u 2.” And Rod said something like “We’re best buddies.” And they were posing, but I couldnm’t see them cuz they were in the dark lol so I told them if they could please move more backer towards the light and they did. But then they were talking to more of their friends while I was waiting to take their pic. Then Crystal got my camera and said why wont u 2 go take a picture WITH them. And I said ok so me and Leslie went with them and then Rod was getting the whole band to join us and we all took a pic. My sister was trying to get us all to fit.

After a few more pictures, we knew that Alex was going to be leaving soon so I went up to him and gave him a hug (yay he was taller than me) and I told him thanks and that they rocked and blah blah and my sis took a pic of me hugging Alex like when she took a pic of me hugging Noah. But this was cooler becuz Alex was looking at the camera when hugging me J We hugged a lil long and then he left with a friend to the parking place where we had parked also. SO we talked to Rod a lil bit and said our goodbyes and left. It was a real awesome concert! Alex was real sexy and sweet!
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blink concert 9/22/01 [03 Oct 2008|01:42am]
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2001 - 9:17 p.m.


well yesterday I went to the Blink 182 concert in San Diego.It was their last concert of their tour so it was really a big deal :)

my sis drove soo fast that we got their in 1 hour and so mintues!It usually takes my parents to drive to san diego for 3 hours!

well, the show took 4 everrrrrrrrr to start!the 2 opening acts were Midtown and NFG I didnt know who they were but their music was good.

Then at like 10 something blink came out!They were sooo awesome! they rocked! they looked very hot! :)

they made all these funny jokes but they didnt make alot of jokes but they kept singing alot of songs!

some jokes were in the country song, instead of saying "take off ur pants dad" tom sang something else that i didnt quit undertsnad and mark didnt say "shut ur fucken face uncle fucker" he just said "tibit" it was soo funny it didnt make sense! lol

then, while singing "Please take me home" where tom goes "and that was the best thime i ever had" he also included "that was the best kiss i ever had.....that was the best blowjob i ever had...dad" I was LMAO and then he said he couldnt really make "dad jokes" cuz his dad was there and his dad was waving at the crowd.

also, travis had a solo :) he kept playing his drums and had fire surrounding him it looked soo cool! i was like 30th seat and i could still even feel the fire!

also, they sang "Happy Holidays U bastard" 2 times. the 1st time was their reguAlr version, the 2nd was like very slow it was funny like a slow song.

Mark kept saying all these funny nasty jokes he rocked! they also kept mentioning that how it was their last concert and blah blah.

also another thing was like towards the end they played the national antheim and the crowd were singing and tom came out with this big ass usa flag and mark came out in a superman suit he looked sooo fineeeeeeeeeeeee.Mark also wore a firefighter hat.

on tom's song "aliens exist" they had like green aliens and tom kept looking at them and then after said that they had no idea about the aliens.they cracked more and more jokes.Tom also said Fuck Bin Ladin. They also had a BIG sign that said FUCK in fire and it looked sooo cool but u can feel the heat which was hot.also, mark wasnt the only one that jumped.U know how Mark always goes all over the place and jumps around? well so was tom like for the 1st time I seen him like that.

then at the end they had fireworks and mark came out and like bent to the floor and was trying to turn on this radio and left it on playing some music i never heard.

they also sang josie and they said "we havent played this song for 3 years so if we fuck up...oh well!" and they surprised us by playing joise for like the 1st time in 3 years!

Lemme try to remember all the songs they played:







Whats my age again

All the small things

Aliens exist

Adams song


Country song (2 times)


Family reuion (bad word song)

Densatary gary

Happy holidays u bastard (2 times)

Stay together for the kids

Online songs

Anthem part 2

First date

Rollar coaster

Reckless abandon

Grandpa (which was soooo funny)

Story of a Lonely guy

Give me one good reason

Please take me home

Everytime I look for you (? I dont remember if they did)


i cant remember if there were more.

on the songs: National Anthem,Adams song, and stay togethjer for the kids people were liting their lighters and had their lights on (like when people die) it was cool.

I got home at 2:40am too bad we didnt see blink after :(

also, 2marrow Travis is getting married! Congrats Travis!

9:53pm *also I 4got to add that...someone threw their disposable lil yellow camera to the stage and Mark bent down to get it and said "someone lost their disposable camera. and you know, I'm going to take this to the security office and whoever this belongs to can go and claim it because in here has their lil kodak memories and wouldnt want to loose them. so after the show, go and claim it." and everyone was thinking 'since mark touched it im gonna go claim it' but mark was soo funny and was walking like he was gonna save it but then threw it real hard on the stage floor and broke it.That was funny how he did it.You had to be there to see it. and also some teenyboppers had some signs and mark said "look! someone ACTUALLY went to Kmart and bought markers to make signs! Lets hear it for them!" another thing I 4got to add was what Mark changed in the song "M&Ms" instead of " Sometimes I wanna take my otaster in bath" he sang "I wanna take my sister in the bath" Just thought about adding that :P
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UFO SIGHTING!!! [18 Sep 2008|03:11am]
[ mood | shocked ]

2:27am I was in the kitchen drinking water and i looked out the window and saw a very bright flashing object in the sky. at first i thought it was a star so i stared at it amazed by how big and bright and flashy it was. the white flash turned to red flash so then i started wondering if it was a plane. so not taking my eyes off it, i watched to see if it would move to the direction the planes always go by, but it didnt. the shiny object was too big for it to be a star and too big for it to be a far away plane. thats when i was startting to realize it was a ufo. i watched in shock as it was just there flashing. i was thinking about running to the room to get my camera to record it but then i thought what if i left and when i came back it was gone, so i just watched not blinking. before i knew it, it quickly zoomed up into the sky and disappeared.
I was like :O
my body was shaking my heart was racing i couldnt believe what my eyes just saw!
after, I quickly ran outside to the backyard, out the backgate into the riverbed field & stared into the dark sky, waiting to see if i saw it again, but i didnt.
holy shit i cant believe it.

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meeting mark hoppus! [08 Sep 2008|12:29am]
[ mood | happy ]

sept. 7, 2008 sunday

so mark was gonna be at hamburger marys for a charity bingo event. me, crystal, desiny, and jeff went.

they sat us in the back & then crystal spotted mark in the table in front of us! he was there with other ppl and his wife.

I wanted to take a pic with him but i was too nervous. everyone else didnt move but i was like fuck it. it took me some time to get the courage to go up to him. i just felt like i was bothering him becuz he was into a conversation a man was telling him..

i tapped his back and he turned around and i dont remember exactly what i said but it was basically this:

"hi, i hate to bother you but can I take a picture with you?"
and he said "sure its no bother" so destiny took a pic of us and I said thanks and I think i told him im a big fan. then i said like " i hate to bother you again but can i take another picture?" and he said it was fine so i took a pic of him and destiny and i said yay after lol then destiny got his autograph for me. he signed my plus 44 cover

then jeff had him sign destinys blink pinup and crystal asked him if it was alright if he took a pic with her son and he said yeah so i took a pic of mark with crystal and jeff. he gave them autographs then other fans went up to him for autographs and pictures. hes nice like always :)

then he did the bingo ball calls. he was there for like an hour.

from like 8:10-9:50pm he left with 2 games left.

tonite was awesome!

what age you gotta be to date michael jackson?
b14! xD

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Mayra saw him [17 Aug 2008|08:33pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Mayra called me today and said she went to a party last night somewhere in Commerce by Vetern's Park. Ralph's party and she said she saw Pony there! it was around 11, or 12 or 1am. omg! she said he was wear wearing a plaid button shirt and jeans and he was talking to guys then he was outside talking to a girl. and that he talked to ruby...i just feel so...blah i fucken miss him :/

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roman remembers me [31 Jul 2008|10:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

2:40ish pm

I was doing my usual route passing by the house I once saw Roman come out. & that particular moment I was thinking about Roman & imaginging about seeing him when I saw a girl come out from the house. I pulled over and to my surprise saw Roman with the girl.

I had on my pink glittery shirt that says IM A LITTLE BIT SINGLE with black capris and my hair up as usual. if I had seen him come out I would have put my hair down and tooken off my glasses.

I wanted to talk to roman ask if he'd remember me but that girl being there ruined it. she asked for hot cheetos so as I went to get the chips for her, I heard Roman asking her how much is it with cheese? when I gave her the chips she paid and surprisnly left. I thought she was gonna wait for him after all, thinking he's his girlfriend.

Roman asked for a bag of hot cheetos and asked me how much with cheese. I answered $1.75

so I asked him Hot cheetos with cheese? and he said no just hot cheetos. so i grabbed the bag and handed it to him.

roman: can you put some cheese for 1.50?
me: sure.

so he paid me in change and I put alot of cheese. as I was pouring the cheese, I said, "You went to Bell Gardens huh?"

Roman: yeah
Me: Yeah, I remember you.

there was like a 10 or so second silence. I was waiting for him to ask me soemthing like "did you go to bg too?" or something! it seemed like the longest silence when he said

roman:is your name Priscilla?
me: yeah! wow you remember!?
roman: I dont forget names.
me: so you live around here?
roman: no, this is my girlfriends house
me: oh..was that her?
roman: no, that's her sister.

i gave him his chips and he said thank you I said your welcome and he said bye and I said "see ya!"

then as I went on the drivers seat, I turned my head to look at his hot self when I saw him turning around to look at me. I got all excited and happy after.

like you know what they say when a person looks back, it means something. pony NEVER looked back when he'd walk away from me but roman did. awww.

I past by that house 2 times after but he didnt come out. idk if it was cuz he didnt want to, or had already left or maybe he had no money cuz when him and the chick were buying the chips they barely had enough.

i regret it i should have given him a free ice cream or something ask him when he was visitng again something.

it was just a shock in high school i had a huge crush on him but didnt talk alot and he remembers me wow!

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antonio voicemail [29 Dec 2007|12:01am]
yesterday thursday december 27 we all kicked it together me, tania, deirdre, maira and destiny
we were talking to fogell from myspace on the phone and then i was curious to see if anotnio still had the same number we called and it went to his vociemail and he sounded soo hot and sexy i was happy to know he still had the same number. his voice mail said something like

"hey you called me..leave me me a message if its important then ill call u back, if not, then i have better things to do."

so destiny left a message as me saying soemthing like "hey antonio its priscilla from knotts i was just calling to say hi. i havent talked to you in forever heres my number call me up sometime."

of course he isnt gonn call me back but whatever.

oh and i havent seen pony since that last time when i was high and acted stupid its been way over a month...whatever i dont love him anymore
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To Deirdre from Charlyne [28 Oct 2007|10:43pm]
Oct 27, 2007 1:30 AM

Body: Hi Deirdre,

No problemo about the adding. Glad we can be myspace friends and thanks for coming to the show!

I've never performed in Downey and wouldn't know how about to perform somewhere there - if people do shows there already and I have to ask to do one or where to do it. Not really sure. Had to ask permission to perform at this theatre. Don't know!

Um. I'm happy you came to the show last week. It was a fun show. I don't know what else to write except that I'm sleepy. Night! It's 1:29 am!!!


(next day)
oh yeah. haha. i remember you.

private parties. i think as long as it covers gas it's cool. never did a private party before. but that'd be fun. i think tomorrow paul & i (the glass beef) are doing a party at some club. scary. today we did our first elementary school.

the other people i performed with. the guys with the keyboards, uke, and accordian was the first time we had played together and wrote all those songs on that day cuz we had a band that dropped out of our show last minute. so not sure we'll play together again.

not sure what you had in mind for playing at a party. paul & i are just one guitar. ha...

have an awesome weekend too!

following day 3am

the elementary school was really fun.

im not sure where we performed at tonight. the club's name. paul drove.

well if you ever want us to play at a private it party. let us know.

halloween parties? probably not for me. i probably hang out with little sis.

night! (good)

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Antonio dream [19 Oct 2007|03:15pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I had a dream that I went to this college, like a Knotts college I guess, because I saw some of my old work buddies. I saw Jessica, Byron, ♥Antonio♥, Caitlin -_-, and newbies and others. anyways, i was happy seeing my old work buddies. it was the 2nd day of class and it had just ended and antonio had on this video he made, including toys commericals, everyone else had left but i stayed a little bit to watch it with him. (it was just me and him alone) and then he said something like "I finally saw your profile. and i liked it." he liked what he read I guess so he said soemthing "I wanted to call you but you said no calls." and I said "you can call me." and he said "is after 6 good?" and I said yeah. then i had to go, cuz I was keeping my mom waiting, so we smiled at eachother and said bye and I left happily and excited.

he was gonna call me and he sounded interested in me he had prolly got bored with caitlin. i was soo excited i had told monique and vita, who were running and they got happy for me but then my damn grama woke me up with her loud voice. i woke up quickly and realized it was all a dream and i was soo sad and disappointed i wanted to cry i had wish it was real!!!

that feeling i had was soo, wow! increiable i wish the dream was real!

oh and I sent Charlyne a message and she wrote back! I wrote:

Date: Oct 19, 2007 2:36 PM
I saw you last night at the show you are really hilarious. I had a great time.
---------------- Original Message -----------------

Oct 19, 2007 3:34 PM
Subject: RE: .

Thanks for coming to the show! And liking it too!

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meeting Charlyn Yi [19 Oct 2007|02:31am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Me and Deirdre went to Hollywood to see Charlyne Yi's band play. (she is Michael Cera's gf) I was hoping Michael would be there so I could meet him! unfortunately, he wasn;t.. he's either in NY filming, or in Spain with Jonah Hill and Chris Mintz promoting Superbad. I was dissappointed Michael wasn't there. plus there were not that many people prolly about less than 20 people there. I even saw one of Michael's friend there.

Anyways, her band is soo...weird and loud I mean wtf lol but they're funny. she is REALLLLLLY weird and loud, but interesting in a funny way. Everytime I looked at her, I thought to myself "what a lucky bitch! she gets to fuck Michael Cera and kiss him and everything!" she is not even pretty. she is really ugly. she really needs a makeover but atleast that proves Michael isnt shallow (like Chris Mintz is!) she had her usually boring ponytail, with a light grey half sweater and a white tshirt with like a small colorful symbol on it and blue baggy pants and yucky brown indian shoes!

but yeah the bands that played, there were 3, The Glass Beef, Beat Detectives, and Welcome to Death (or something like that) they were all loud and funny and charlyn was in both bands. the beef and detectives. they even made funny noises. charlyne acted like a puppy, one of the guys acted like a robot, the other acted like a phone vibrating, and the other, I forgot. but yeah they were allf unny when they did that.

now I know why Michael is in love with her. she is soo unique. loud, outgoing, weird, funny.

after it ended me and diwy got a pic with her. I didnt say anything but diwy said like 2 sentences to her. she's really nice. that lucky bitch!!!


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food for less [03 Aug 2007|09:48pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so maria called me at 9pm today and said she barely just saw Pony at the store. He was with a tall white guy and Pony said "hi maria" and that his friend said "hey maria dont you remember me?" and she said no...I think it was homer.... anyways yeah hes such a liar says he doesnt talk to any of his bg frenz and hes here and didnt even call me. bastard

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2 min phone talk [28 Jul 2007|06:30pm]
4:13pm he called me we talked for 2 mins first he asked me what was I doing so I said getting ready to the movies he asked to see what and I said the simpsons and he asked with who I said my frenz he asked howd you get money and I said my frenz are paying sicne im taking them and he said cool

then he asked "so.what happened?" I told him "I went and I took the test and....I'm not." he said "did you get the paper?" and Is aid "no but I got the test." and he said ok. then he said he'll let me go since im getting ready and I said ok talk to you later and he said ok bye and to have fun

oh and he called me yesterday at 7:10pm,but i missed his call
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he came but i didnt see him [18 Jul 2007|02:08pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

about 2:30am Pony came to my house calling my name and knocking on my window looking for me but I didnt hear him because me and destiny were in the living room watching tv...mickey was barking alot and i didnt think nothing of it til i realized maybe it was pony so i looked thru the peekhole but couldnt see anything it was too dark so i went to my room and looked out the window and saw his car leaving real slow. he made a u turn and drove by really slow (creepy)

so I thought ok well I didnt hear him not my fault and i didnt feel like getting ready for him and it just got me mad that he comes soo late.

so just when i thought he left, no he parked his car AGAIN and tried again knocking on my window callng me. i was in the bathroom and destiny heard him she told me and i told her to tell him hold on but she was saying NOOO I DONT WANNA TALK TO HIM and i kept telling her to tell him and she was acting like a brat saying no so i just continued what I was doing then I heard his car turn on and he left...

i wonder what he thought does he think i was ignoring him on purpose?? I hope I do see him again what if he got mad and decides not to come anymore? because he did drive a long way to see me and for me not to show up...eep!

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