Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

pony showed up

so last nite when I got home at 12:48am from my sisters house, I heard a guy voice say my name. i had gotten out of the car & turned around & saw a parked car. it wasnt ponys blazer so i thought it was antonio. i was surprised thinking "antonio? omg" but no as the guy walked up to me, turned out to be pony. ngl i felt kinda disappointed. i didnt make a big deal when i saw him i was like oh hey.
anyway i looked like crap red hoodie sweater, blue jeans with a red line down. ha he said i looked cute, pretty. whatev.
i felt outta it plus i didnt have anything to tell him so i just sat, acted giggly/smiley.
he looked cute. he had on this big blue checkerd shirt, blue jeans, checkered boxers, yes he showed me of course

im tired so ill write the basics right now, details later.
we hugged under the full moon for like almost a min
he took out his dick, talked about his hairs like no big deal
he wanted a kiss, i kissed his cheek
he nibbled on my ear
turning me on
we were in my car
i left him wanting more ;D
he said i looked hot thru the window & in my superman tanktop
he knocked on my window for my number
he txted me all night til 5:55am
then again in the morning at 10, saying good morning aww.
"Ur beautiful as da sunrise" is the cutest sweetest thing he txted me (5:15am)
he really wanted me that night haha i can tell he was like prolly expecting sex but i like, didnt ha

next day we txt all day
him still wanting me

most likely hes gonna show up at my window later :|
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