Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

seeing him after 9 months! :O

11:10am -1:21pm

so yeah he randomly showed up at my front door at 11:10am. I heard someone knocking at the front door, it sounded like his knock which I had forgotten at the time i looked out the peephole and there he was standing. my eyes grew big and I ran to the bathroom to fix myself up. I had barely just woken up so i looked pretty shitty. my mom was on the phone in the kitchen so he didnt hear him knock. in a way i kinda wished he'd go away becuz i looked crappy. i dunno how long he knocked for but it was a long time. my mom finally ended her convo and she heard the door. she came to the bathroom door whispering to me that pony was at the door i told her to tell him ill be there so i could hear her speaking spanish to him. then i heard her invite him inside. i made him wait a good while. I changed into my black beatles shirt and some blue jeans. my bangs were soo messed up but i couldnt fix em. i stepped out into the living room where he was sitting at on the couch. i said hey....and sorry i took long and sat on the other couch. he said it was ok. i acted casual which was good and i seemed more outgoing than usual becuz usually when i see him im shy as fuck and quiet.

he wore a blue/brownish checkered shirt with black pants and a brown shirt under. he looked soo cute. his hair grew longer and omg hes just finnne. i told him "you look cute...actually you are cute." he said thanks. so yeah we did small talk. asked eachother what we been up to. he said he was staying at his friends house "2 blocks away" pssh right. he said hes been staying over at frenz house that his "aunt" kicked him out a long time ago. he said its cool becuz he gets to do whatever he wants and do whoever he wants. :| i said "thats nice."

he'd ask me what i was thinking and blah blah. i told him 3 pickup lines lol the milk one HEY BABY IM MILK AND ILL DO UR BODY GOOD. the skittles one MY MOUTH IS LIKE SKITTLES WANNA TASTE THE RAINBOW and the door one I WISH U WERE A DOOR SO I CAN BANG ON U ALL DAY.
hah then like he'd look at my boob and said something like theyre growing im like eh i wanna make em small.
he then like grabbed my boob for a second i just laughed.

we spent most of the time in the living room i knew what he was thinking. i know what he wanted but since i looked crappy and didnt shower earlier i felt nasty so i like kinda avoided that subject. he said he was leaving so i asked him "do you want my number?" he said "i was just about to ask you for it." i dont think he was. so i said brb and went to my room to write the number. he followed me without me knowing.

i gave him my number and we stood next to eachother talking. he was began to talk dirty to me. whisper dirty things in my ear. he's good becuz it was turning me on. he'd say things like he wanted to lick me between my legs and play with me and get me wet and lick me until i cum in his mouth and he swallows lmao
i'd just blush and giggle
then he got close to me said something sexual i dont remember and he kissed me.
that took me by surprise becuz we havent kissed in years i cant even remember the last time we kissed.
but we didnt kiss long i dont like kissing so we prolly kissed for like 5 seconds.

we had the door open becuz if i closed it i knew my mom would suspect something so he like told me to "feel it" so i put my hand in his pants and felt his hard dick. i said it was nice. lmao xD then he took it out and i just played with it kind of. i knew what he wanted but i didnt want to do that i hadnt know where that dicks been all these months.

after a long while i finally just went on my knees and blew the fuck outta him. he moaned alot and would moan my name and look at me and say i look sexy and then he said that i give the best blowjobs ever. he said it twice. i felt proud for some reason lol

he laid down on the bed while i blew him more then i heard my moms car leave but i still acted as if my mom was still here. ...

he asked me if he could play with me i said maybe. but of course eventually i gave in. i told him under the blankets, so we took off our pants and undies and he got on top of me and put his finger in me first then he insert his dick which felt soo good. only for a few seconds before he took it out and put the condom on. then he began banging me hard which was good and different since he usually does it slow. he stopped and said we're making noise then he continued softer. after about maybe 3 mins or so or less >.< he stopped and said he was in pain that the condom cut him and he was bleeding some. he said it was no fun so he went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. i put my pants back on and yeah that was that.

i told him he should come back tonite that i could sneak him into my room. at first earlier he had said we'll see, then he said i dont know then he said he cant but then he said he'll see. i told him to call me like at 10pm tonite he said he would...lets see if he does...

so yeah then he said he gotta go so he walked out and oddly disappeared so fast. i went to the office window to see if he was lying to me to see if he'd go in the blue blazer he usually comes in but by the time i reached the window he disappeared. freakydeaky much?

~while we were doing it, he stopped to suck on my left boob lol i feel weird i dont like my boobs or my body im so self conscience. esp now that i got fatter. :|

i told him he should sign my wall. expecting him to say no, he said he'll do it later and bring his own marker. hah yeah right. i wish he would just sign my fucken wall.
i pointed out the gummybear on my wall and i told him it got hard lol he said "they call me gummybear becuz when u touch me i get hard." lmao xD

oh and another thing i member is that i asked him if he heard the Lollipop song. lick it like a lollipop and he said yeah so when i was going down on him i said "lick it like a lollipop" lol im such a nerd.

so yeah.. now lets wait and see how long it takes before I hear or see him again...

~I just checked his myspace
ugh he has Adriana added and 4 guys friends including Homer. ugh

His last logins says Nov 13 >:(
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