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Meeting Noah Bastian again Liquid Zu concert, Alex's birthday


My dad took Leslie and me to the Liquid Zu concert celebrating for Alex’s b-day in San Fernando Valley in this bar called The Tryst.

We left at 4:30 or so and finally arrived like at 6 something. There was major traffic.

We found this little round table in front of the stage. There was Liquid Zu getting ready; soundcheck.

There was hardly anyone. Me and Leslie were the only “teens” there. There was 2 sides. The “concert side” and the bar side. We weren’t allowed to go to the bar side.

Alex was mostly on the bar side getting drunk ;-) we talked to Andy. We asked him if it was alright if we could videotape and he said he didn’t mind. So, yay we could videotape!

7, some people showed up but not as many as we thought. So they started performing. Me and Leslie were soo hoping that we would see Noah Bastian (our fave actor) we kept looking around to see if we’d see him cuz we thought he would go since it was Alex’s birthday, but we didn’t see him :o(

I was looking around and I saw my good online friend, Jeanine. I was surprised to see her. I didn’t know she was coming. She said she came ALONE! That takes a lot of guts driving so far all alone! LOL she told her parents that she was going to The Mall, when she really came to the concert.

Then more and more people were coming and all watched Liquid Zu perform.

Then, they like, “stopped” to sing Alex Happy Birthday. The audience sang along. The floor was covered with balloons and they wore hats and gave Alex a King crown for him to wear. Then, they brought this BIG BOOB CAKE. It was soo funny! It was a boob and Alex was like, “YEAH!” (His father owns a bakery, so they baked it) He said, “People under 16, cover your eyes!” LMAO! Alex was funny, but drunk. He didn’t really sing well, he was signing like whatever and kept messing up, but it was alright. Pretty funny. :o)

Jeanine had told us that Noah was on the “Visitor” list, so he HAD to come, if he didn’t then it’d be messed up.

We kept looking and looking and looking for Noah but he wasn’t there :o(

AT the last song, Jeanine was dancing with the group’s manager, she danced real good. Go Jeanine! (They were the only ones dancing)

Then, the concert ended we me and Les got soo sad that we didn’t see Noah once again. We haven’t seen him since July 7, 2001- 5 months ago! And our wish was to see him once again! We were disappointed.

The band stayed there to kick it so me, Les, and Jeanine went to take pix with Alex. We wished him Happy Birthday and got pictures with him.

Then, we like, said hi to the whole group; Rod, Billy, Andy, and Dave. Then Andy was chatting with us and there were a lil group of girls in a circle kinda, with their cellphones, making the band say hi to their friends, so Andy said “Let me go over there too” it was funny, you had to be there.

It was barely like about 8:50-9pm or so and we were there kicking it with Jeanine, Angie (from the LZ site) and Angie’s friend.

I was desperate to see Noah. I kept looking at the entrance door to see if he’d come, but since the concert was over, what were the chances?

Then, I saw lemon-yellowish spikes and I immediately knew it had to be Noah. I just ran towards where he was without telling Leslie (I guess I was too anxious that I forgot to tell her) but Leslie got the picture so she ran after me. He went to the bar side :o( Leslie screamed his name, but he didn’t hear.

So, we went back to where Jeanine and Angie were to see if we’d see him but we didn’t. it was like, he disappeared! People there were making fun of us cause of how excited we got and screamed “omigod!” but screw them, we didn’t care, we were just soo happy that we saw him again. We were like soo happy and freaked out, we couldn’t calm down! We were too happy to get serious. Yes, I’ll admit, we acted like MAJOR teenyboppers, but c’mon! Our favorite actor and singer who we haven’t seen for 5 months! He means everything to us! We love him so!

We kept looking around and we didn’t see him. We wondered where he had went. Then, there we saw him, standing there talking to some woman. He was wearing this grayish/blueish short sleeve tight shirt that had red lettering that said 666 and something on the back. He had a white sorta long sleave under, with light blue jeans and black and white checkered shoes.

His spikes were skinny but with yellowish, blondish.

We went to the “line” (The line between the concert side and the bar side) and Leslie screamed his name. He saw her and made this surprised look. He remembered her! He was going to come thru the table, but this chick was talking to him, so they kept talking. We waited.

Then, he was finally coming our side, but just as he was about to, he spotted Jeanine and he stayed to talk to Her. But Leslie and me just waited for him to come.

They kept on talking. They talked ad talked and talked that we were soo anxious to go ad talk to him, so we went over to where they were.

They talked and then Noah saw us and said “I remember you!” and Leslie gave him this great big hug and was telling him how much she loved him and how happy she was to see him and etc. He was all smiling. He was sooo nice! He said to Leslie, “You’re soo cute!”

Leslie was hugging him soo much that I wanted my turn! LoL

Then, when she finally stopped, I said “You gave me Tigger” (just so he’d remember) I hugged him. While hugging him, I told him, “I’m soo happy to see you. I thought I’ll never see you again. I’ve missed you soo much!” and he was like, rocking me. We were hugging, but rocking a bit. Sigh.

After we hug he told us that we looked the same. I noticed his checkered shoes ;-) I told him he had cool shoes and he laughed or something.

Then Jeanine said “I hate to bring this up, but what’s up with you and Kelly?” (Kelly was his girlfriend of a year, but they broke up in September) and he was cool enough to be telling us the reason why they broke up.

He said that she was too obsessive. That she was telling him what he can or can’t do, like she was bossing him around and that she wouldn’t let fans get near him or something because she’d get jealous.He was telling us how she was so obsessive and crazy because she wanted him all to herself. In his words she was like "selfish" He said he is much happier now that he's not with her.He said he wanted to stay friends with her.But that she didn't or something like that.It's sad they made a very cute couple. Things just didn't work out between them.

Then he said that he recently saw her and that she was giving him dirty looks.

Wow. I’m not against Kelly, because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have first met Noah back in July, but I just couldn’t believe that they’re not together. They were soo cute together!

Noah has another girl. She has blond hair. I didn’t think she was pretty, but if he’s happy, then that’s good.

Then, we wanted pictures with him, so Jeanine asked him if we could take pictures, and of course, he did. Jeanine took one first, then it was my turn!

When I went next to him to pose, I said in a low tone, “Just like old times” and he heard me and repeated me,” Just like old times.” And he started laughing. He was laughing a lot.

Then, he was telling us that he’s going to be coming out on Maybe It’s Me, more. YAY! And that he’s making a rock demo. And that his mom is making a NEW site. A solo site for his real fans. Not those motherfucking haters.

Then, I got my video camera out and Leslie was recording him because she had a better view. He looked at the camera and said hello. :-P then he asked, “Is that the same camera as last time?” LOL he remembered the camera we used back in July! He has a real good memory!

Then, I remembered about my best online friend, Stephanie. I decided to call her on my cell so Noah could say “hi” to her.

I called her and said, “Hey Steph, someone here wants to say hi.” And she said ok and hold. I was waiting for Noah to stop talking to the girls. She was holding for quite a while, but I’m sure that it was worth it.

When it was quite, I gave Noah the phone and said “my friend wants to say hi.” And he said “Hello!” and then he said, “Ok bye” and he gave me the phone and he was saying that she said hi.

I then said to her “That was Noah!…He’s sooo fine!” she sounded happy. I was telling her how fine and irresistible he looked. Then I had to hang up with her cause I couldn’t really hear and plus, I wanted to know what Noah was talking about now.

But then he like, left to the bar side with these women. Then Alex went with them and it woulda been a cool picture of Noah and Alex together but, they were on the Bar side.

They just were at the table talking. Then I told Leslie that we should wait for Noah by the doorway so that when he leaves, he won’t miss us and also,so he wouldn’t think that we’d be stalking him to say bye. So, we went by the door and JUST when we went by the door, Noah went just where we were to Jeanine and said he was leaving so he hugged her goodbye. We got mad, so we went back with Jeanine. At that time, Noah had gone back to the bar side. And then, once we came with Jeanine, he left! With like 2 chicks. If we went after them, it would have seemed weird, like he woulda thought we were stalking him or something. We got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed that we didn’t get to say goodbye. We felt like crying! Cause who knows if we’d ever see him again! It took 5 months for us to see him again, I hope we get to see him again soon!

We lastly saw Noah when he was turning from a corner and then when he left in his blue bmw.

It was sooooooooo cool and fun and a happy moment in the beginning, but at the end, we left sad because we didn’t get to say goodbye. It’s like we barely missed him by leaving and then by coming back. But the bright side on this is that we saw him. We got to see him again this year.

2001 has been the BEST year for me. I hope 2002 will be a good year too.

I’ll just never forget how Happy and excited we were for seeing Noah again. You could see it in our eyes how HAPPY we were. :-)
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