Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

meeting blink 182


Me, Leslie, and my sister Crystal got there like around 5:20 or so. We went looking for a parking across the street and went looking for the Blink 182 book just incase they wouldn’t let us inside without it. We didn’t have the book so we went inside 2 different bookstores to buy it.

Crystal was telling us how Mark was on KROQ at 7:30am how he kept complaining how early it was lol. That he went on to tell about the book signing blink were doing in Costa Mesa.

After, we went to wait in the loooooong line. There were 300 people with the wristbands who have been there since 4pm and then plus, like around 30-40 people ahead of us. So, there were 340 people in front of us and the signing was ONLY 3 hours! Me and Leslie kept crossing our fingers hoping that we would make it inside to meet Blink.

Crystal had made friends with a 16 year old girl name Ashley who was standing in front of us. She was a Tom fanatic; she called him her “Walking Orgasm” lmao! She said she had come from this 1 city but it’s like farther than where we came from. She came from like, close to East LA.

It was barely 6 and we were soo bored and tired of just standing there in the cold and then, with such luck, it started to sprinkle. So me and Leslie went back to the car to get the umbrellas. lol I slipped with the slippery sidewalk then I slipped again.

More and more waiting and Me and Leslie went looking for Jolene becuz I had told her the day b4 that if I saw her, I would go up to her to say hi. I didn’t see her, or atleast, I 4got how she looked like. But we saw Roger. We ALWAYS see him everywhere we go now! lol it’s just funny.

We kept waiting and waiting and more time passed by, but it was going by soooo slow! So me and Leslie went to the book store across the street to get some water. That bookstore had a cd store and a lil coffe shop! It was like this BIG HUGE libarary, they had all THESE books!

After we got our water, I wanted to like, PRACTICE to what I was going to tell Blink. My plan, was to ask them (since mine and Leslie’s b-day is just few days away) to sing us HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And either way, whatever they’ll say, we just wanted to see their expressions.

I kept stuttering and messing up cuz I wasn’t prepared on to what I was gonna ask. Leslie said she would go along with me.

We went back in line and waited more. My sis was all mad cuz we “took long”. She also said that Jolene with Roger, was looking for me and she had ironically missed me again but to tell me she said hi.

Then we heard a whole bunch of girls screaming and them like, running towards the parking lot, so we knew it was Blink coming. We went running and while running, this 1 dude said, “Destiny’s Child!” LMAO! It was funny cuz it was really blink and he was being, like sarcastic.

We went and there we saw a circle of girls surrounding somedude.

Everyone was on the side of them while I was standing alone trying to get my camera.

It was Tom, Travis, and 1 security dude. All the girls were screaming and taking pics but I couldn’t get my camera out! They were walking too damn fast! I like, really didn’t see Travis, but I SURELY saw Tom. So when Tom was walking and getting closer and closer to me, I said to him, “Tom, why won’t you take pictures?” and he looked at me in a, “Oh, what a nice thing to say” lol I don’t know why I said that! And then, they hurried inside the Virgin mega store where Blink were gonna sign the books they had written, including Anne; Mark’s sister.

Well, me ,Leslie, my sis and some other fans ran after them inside the store but they quickly went to the signing room to where we couldn’t enter yet. Then, Les was all screaming, “OMG! I TOUCHED THEM!!!” it was soo funny, she was acting like a teenybopper (no offence Leslie) {Well, I’m sure we ALL, yes including YOU reader, act a lil teenybopperish } and she was telling me how Tom said “hey” to her.

We waited and waited. And then, they have started letting peeps in.

U can actually see Blink with Anne signing becuz they were by the glass windows and doors and u can see them good, if there weren’t many people in the way (fans and security bastards)

We took some pictures from outside but we’re not sure if they will come out since with the reflection of the glass.

In order, it was first Tom, then Anne, then Mark, and then Travis. Travis was wearing this red famous stars and straps hat with a black sweater. (I 4got what pants he wore)

Mark had on a light blue shirt with some SHORTS! OK! Shorts on a really cold night? His hair was like, growing out a bit. And his blue eyes just stood out.

Anne, with her blonde hair and (peach?) sweater, when I first saw her, I thought she was Mark’s mom! She looked OLD! (No offence) but damn!

And Tom, he had like this light orange shirt with black pants.

We took some pics, then went back in line. After a while, me and Les were getting hot so we took off our jackets and Les had a black tantop. I took off my shirt, and under, I had a black spaghetti strap tank top. People looked at us as if we were crazy. But we were hot!

Since Ashley’s father was waiting in line, we decided to go back and see Blink and take more pics. The damn security bastards said only 1 item for them to sign and NO cameras!

We went and watched the f ans get all excited and act all “Teenish” we were laughing at the teenyboppers face! We mostly watched Blink sign autographs.

Time was passing by, it was now 8pm and then we see Blink getting up. And at first, we automatically think that they were leaving, but the “nice” security dude said they were just having their bathroom break. Tom went to the bathroom and Travis and Mark were JUST right there!!! They were there talking, (resting their tired hands) and then < cuz of all the fans screaming, Travis went to talk to 1 of his friends and Mark saw all of us and was like, running towards us! Like as if he was gonna come outside and he was all smiling with this funny dopey face but then, he like, laughed and turned inside the Virgin megastore! LMAO! He had tricked all of us! He made us think that he was coming towards us, but then at the last second, he didn’t.

A few mintues passed and there were STILL fans WITH the wristbands in line! And we were the non-wristband people so we kept HOPING that we can get a chance to make it inside to meet them.

Mark kept leaning and he once jumped over the table and he once put his legs on the signing table.

Then, this 1 dude from (the dude that ALWAYS records EVERYTHING of blink to put on their official site) was videotaping as usual and I told him, “Hey, you’re that dude from the site.” And he’s like, yeah and then he had this videocamera on us. I didn’t know what to say so I just said HEY and lol Ashley was saying how Tom is her “Walking Orgasm” and then I said that it was mine and my friend’s b-day and he said happy b-day to us. He is pretty cool.

A bit more time passed and they had FINALLY finished the people with the wristbands and now it was OUR turn. They were getting the ppl with no wristbands and were telling everyone to get in a single line. Crystal and Ashley went back to our spot, but me and Leslie were smart enough and went and cut in front of these older people. We were about 10th people away and where Crystal and Ashley were at like, 30th people away. The people we had cut in front were saying “hey we were here! They’re cutting!” and blah blah, but me and Les didn’t move. We acted like if that was our spot the whole time, but I was getting nervous if the security dude made us go back in the back of the line. But, they didn’t notice us.

We were trying to look to see if we would see Crystal and Ashley but they were too behind and if 1 of us left to go looking for them, then the security bastard would make us go in the back of the line cuz they didn’t care if u were saving ur friend’s spot, the securites were all assholes!

Me and Les were getting ready, putting on our makeup and thinking of what to say to Blink. Lol Les said she wanted to ask them what they were gonna dress as in Halloween while I’d ask the b-day thing.

The line moved faster than I had realized and b4 I knew it, we were in front of the line and we were gonna be next!

I felt soo nervous! I felt shakey! And I wasn’t even ready yet! The bastard security told us to put our cameras away. Then, they led us in and there we were, the 1st people of the 5 ppl crowd. I walked slow cuz I was trying to take out the blink book from the bag so they can sign in.

There was Tom, looking straight at me waiting for me to give him the book. He looked stiffed. Like he just sat there all straight and like, he didn’t really move. I gave him the book and so did Leslie and he signed it quickly and passed it to Anne.

This was it. I was a bit ready to ask. I looked at Tom and said “Hi Tom” and he said hi back. Leslie said hi to him too. Then I said (I don’t really remember exact words) “Hey, our birthdays are just a few days and we were wondering that if you can sing us HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” And Leslie said please. And he was like, thinking about it, but like, thinking fast becuz the next thing I heard was:





He had sung to us! When he was singing, he was signing fast because there were other people waiting and he was moving his head sideways it was funny. But he sang soo cute in a fast, loud voice! We said thanks and Leslie asked for a hug and he was just about getting up to give us our hugs when that damn fucken mean ass security said “NO hugs, only handshakes!” SO Tom shook Leslie’s hand while saying “sorry.”

I skipped Anne lol. I went to Mark next. I said, “Hey, it’s our birthday in a few days and if you could please sing us happy birthday” well, something like that, I really don’t remember. And Mark said turing to look at Tom, like in a laughing mode, “I just heard Tom singing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

And, well, that was a no I guess cuz he didn’t sing to us like Tom did. Then I had realized that they were done signing our books! They had signed them soo fast! But I didn’t care I shook Anne’s hand after Leslie did. Leslie also got to shake Mark’s hand, I didn’t cuz he was busy signing. Leslie said that Mark shook her hand hard lol. Then, there I was , just standing there looking at Travis who was done signing our books and I said, “That’s it? Oh you’re done?” and we shook his hands and we didn’t want to leave! LoL we were stalling by getting lil “ATTICUS” stickers that were on the signing table. And you could tell on there eyes, that they were looking at us like, can u please leave? way. LMAO it was funny! We just stood there for like 5 seconds, I think, picking out stickers in front of Mark. But then the bastard security was telling us to go. So we went and it was a big store we almost got lost trying to get out. Leslie said that Travis said “bye girls!” to us, but like I said, I don’t remember…. Even like, 15 mintues after all this, I forgot most of everything what had happened!…I have such a bad memory…well anyways….

We went out and saw Crystal and Ashley and told them about our encounter and how Tom sang to us. Ashley was all screaming like, “OMG! MY Tom??? He sang you Happy birthday???” and they were all just excited cuz they were getting closer. But Crystal was all saying like, “why didn’t you call us?” and I was explaining it to her.

And me and Les were thinking, hey maybe we can meet them again! So we waited in line with Crystal and Ashley again. But then, me and Les just went to sit on the bench. Then, like at 8:50, they said that Blink were done. And it was gonna be Crystal and Ashley next! It wasn’t fair. There were still like, 50 people left, but damn! That “finished” 10 mintues early and the fans that didn’t get to meet them were all disappointed. I would be too! And Ashley was even crying! I felt bad for her. Cuz she REALLY wanted to meet them; especially Tom and she had traveled so far!

Well, after the security were all closing the doors, we ran towards the parking lot to wait for them to go in the limo.

We waited, and so did other fans but there were like, too many different ways from the parking lot where they could be so I decided to go to the side where noone was while Leslie had stayed where the limo was and all the fans waiting. We waited and waited and there were all these fans waiting too. More and more gathered to wait.

Then, the next thing I heard were fans screaming and I tunred to look to the other side and there were people taking pictures. I saw the flash so I knew it had to be Blink! So I ran all the way to the other side ,but by the time I had gotton there, like, they had already gotten inside the limo :*(

And there were inside the black limo and I just flipped them off from the back and Leslie was saying “U guys suck!” while they drove away. Leslie said that it was Tom and Travis etting in the limo with these 2 BIG security guys that shoved her so they ca get thru and that Tom was walking like a “celebrity” haha! She said she took some real close up pics of him, but that when she took it, he turned his face so it’ll be a pic from his side I guess cuz she said he was looking at the camera. Lucky her to see them again! If I were there, I wouldn’t give a shit about the damn security, I woulda went to hug Tom or something and of course, taking pics, but I didn’t get any :*( only far away pics from the window/glass.

They took off and I was pretty sure that Mark and Anne had token off too, like before them I bet but we still waited but Crystal was just in her Mood. I felt bad for her not meeting them, but atleast she saw them….She was always moody thru the whole way going to the place and leaving. She blames us I bet becuz we didn’t “call her” but like I said, if we woulda went, the damn security wouldn’t of have let us go back.

Me and Leslie were soo happy that we got to meet them again. We thought since we kept crossing our fingers together and hoping soo much (she also prayed at church) that we made it. It was very good luck!

Well, maybe next time Crystal can meet them again. But I really had fun and was real happy that Tom sang happy birthday to me and my friend.
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