Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

Liquid Zu concert


around 7:50pm me, Leslie, my sis Crystal and Lelsie's mom went to the Hard Rock Cafe cuz we wanted to see Liquid Zu perform. Liquid Zu is Alex Solowtiz's (from 2Ge+her) Band.

We got there at around 8:20pm and we went inside looking for the stage, and there it was on the right side and there was the band. All 5 members were there like, doing little practice. When we first saw Alex, me and Les got all shocked and shy and nervous and went outside. Then we came back in but saw Alex again and freaked out and went back outside. It was just funny cuz they obviously saw us.

We went inside and found a table sorta close to the stage but that we could only see their backs.I felt that I was dreaming becuz I couldn't believe this was happening!

ME and Les were looking for Steph cuz we knew she was gonna be there. I didn’t see her, so I was looking to see if Noah or Evan was there. Nope. Didn’t see them either.

Then, me and Les decided to go and ask to take a picture but we were too nervous and shy. We just sat on our table and watched the band practice. Then a waiter told us we had to order food in order to keep that table so Crystal and Leslie both ordered ice cream shakes. Crystal’s shake was normal size but Leslie’s, wow! It was the BIGGEST shake I’ve ever seen! It had ice cream, fudge, bananas the whole banana split thang and plus, cake!

Then, Steph saw us and said hey and we met her and her friend Jessica. Then, we kept staring at the band, but mostly at Alex. Then, Alex went outside (I’m sure for a smoke.) and we waited by the doorway for him to come back. Then, afterawhile, he did. And he was standing there talking to someone and us 4 were like telling each other “Ask him!” so then I asked “hey Alex , nice to meet you.” and he said “hey” and I said “Can we take a picture of you?” and he said “Sure.” Then, he was standing alone and Leslie was getting her Polaroid camera and he asked “By myself?” and we said yeah. SO we took it, then I told Leslie to take one of me and him and she did and he smelled like he has been smoking :(. Then she took one of her and him. And after it developed, she asked him to sign it and he did.Then he said he had to go to do some checkpoint or something like that, that he’d be back to sign autographs and pics after the show. So he went and like, they were getting ready to begin the show.

We were getting our cameras to start taking pictures of them performing. Then, when we were walking through this light that makes the white you’re wearing glow, and my scrunche was glowing a lot and that’s when I noticed mywhite bra was glowing through my shirt! I felt embarrassed but it’s funny.

Then, the show was starting and they were right their in front of us. We were soo close and taking all these pictures of them! Alex was the singer and Rod was the drummer while the other 3 were guitarists.

I don’t know how many songs they sang but it seemed pretty much a lot. There was a friend videotaping everything and I got mad that I didn’t bring my video camera cause I didn’t think we could.

People were dancing until this dude told them they couldn’t dance anymore which was funny . And everyone was cheering the band on!

While introducing each song, Alex would change his voice and make it high like a chipmunk and he sounded soo cute!

Then, like around 9:50 or so, it was over L

While the band were packing their stuff away, we were waiting to meet them. To meet Rod and Alex. They looked real busy packing up so we waited til they were done. That’s when I called Rod over to us 4 girls and he came. He asked for our names. I said my name and he shook my hand and everyone said their names and when Steph told him her name, he gave her a big hug. Because he was expecting to meet her since they talk all the time online.

Then we took pics with him and I don’t really remember the rest.

Well, then we all went outside looking for Alex because he had gone outside and we couldn’t find him. We thought he had probably ditched us and left but then we saw him coming so we ran back inside so he wouldn’t be thinking that we were stalkers or something.

He came and Les asked for his autographs and for more pictures. I asked too. Then Steph and Jessica did too and after, like, he seemed busy talking to his friends and family so we let him be for a lil bit lol. Then we met his sister I forgot her name but it start with an ‘A’. She said “Yeah, I’m Alex’s sister.” And she was pretty. Then, Steph and her friend had to leave when the band were taking pictures of the whole band.I took a few but I had ran out of film and plus, I really couldn’t fit the whole band.

Then, we kept bugging Alex for more pictures lol . I told him, “I know we’re bugging you and all but we’d like to take more pictures with you.” or something like that and he said “No no no you’re not. It’s alright.”

Then, while posing for the picture I was thinking about asking him if he could do a little “Mickey P.” act for us, but he seemed moody and busy to be doing that. Also, when me and Les were both taking a picture with Alex, I was on the right side while Les was on the left. And of course Alex was in the middle . Well, anyways, I wanted to put my arms around Alex for this picture, so I put my arms around him, but It was from the side, so I didn’t really know where I had put my arms but I did feel skin. Then I had realized that I had put my arms arms around Alex’s neck! SO I was like, almost choking him LOL! So he got his hands, and got mine’s and put them more lower to like his waist side. LoL how silly am I?

We took a few more and then he went off to his friends again. LOL we also saw Roger this asian dude we see everywhere we go for a Blink concert or taping or signing. It was funny, my sis dared Les to go and ask Roger for some Famous Stars and Straps stickers because Roger is friends with Travis from Blink 182. And she had guts and did.

Then after, we were talking to Rod and then Alex came up to Rod and they were talking and then I of course took out my camera and said “Heyyyy lemme take a picture of u 2.” And Rod said something like “We’re best buddies.” And they were posing, but I couldnm’t see them cuz they were in the dark lol so I told them if they could please move more backer towards the light and they did. But then they were talking to more of their friends while I was waiting to take their pic. Then Crystal got my camera and said why wont u 2 go take a picture WITH them. And I said ok so me and Leslie went with them and then Rod was getting the whole band to join us and we all took a pic. My sister was trying to get us all to fit.

After a few more pictures, we knew that Alex was going to be leaving soon so I went up to him and gave him a hug (yay he was taller than me) and I told him thanks and that they rocked and blah blah and my sis took a pic of me hugging Alex like when she took a pic of me hugging Noah. But this was cooler becuz Alex was looking at the camera when hugging me J We hugged a lil long and then he left with a friend to the parking place where we had parked also. SO we talked to Rod a lil bit and said our goodbyes and left. It was a real awesome concert! Alex was real sexy and sweet!
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