Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

blink concert 9/22/01

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2001 - 9:17 p.m.


well yesterday I went to the Blink 182 concert in San Diego.It was their last concert of their tour so it was really a big deal :)

my sis drove soo fast that we got their in 1 hour and so mintues!It usually takes my parents to drive to san diego for 3 hours!

well, the show took 4 everrrrrrrrr to start!the 2 opening acts were Midtown and NFG I didnt know who they were but their music was good.

Then at like 10 something blink came out!They were sooo awesome! they rocked! they looked very hot! :)

they made all these funny jokes but they didnt make alot of jokes but they kept singing alot of songs!

some jokes were in the country song, instead of saying "take off ur pants dad" tom sang something else that i didnt quit undertsnad and mark didnt say "shut ur fucken face uncle fucker" he just said "tibit" it was soo funny it didnt make sense! lol

then, while singing "Please take me home" where tom goes "and that was the best thime i ever had" he also included "that was the best kiss i ever had.....that was the best blowjob i ever" I was LMAO and then he said he couldnt really make "dad jokes" cuz his dad was there and his dad was waving at the crowd.

also, travis had a solo :) he kept playing his drums and had fire surrounding him it looked soo cool! i was like 30th seat and i could still even feel the fire!

also, they sang "Happy Holidays U bastard" 2 times. the 1st time was their reguAlr version, the 2nd was like very slow it was funny like a slow song.

Mark kept saying all these funny nasty jokes he rocked! they also kept mentioning that how it was their last concert and blah blah.

also another thing was like towards the end they played the national antheim and the crowd were singing and tom came out with this big ass usa flag and mark came out in a superman suit he looked sooo fineeeeeeeeeeeee.Mark also wore a firefighter hat.

on tom's song "aliens exist" they had like green aliens and tom kept looking at them and then after said that they had no idea about the aliens.they cracked more and more jokes.Tom also said Fuck Bin Ladin. They also had a BIG sign that said FUCK in fire and it looked sooo cool but u can feel the heat which was hot.also, mark wasnt the only one that jumped.U know how Mark always goes all over the place and jumps around? well so was tom like for the 1st time I seen him like that.

then at the end they had fireworks and mark came out and like bent to the floor and was trying to turn on this radio and left it on playing some music i never heard.

they also sang josie and they said "we havent played this song for 3 years so if we fuck up...oh well!" and they surprised us by playing joise for like the 1st time in 3 years!

Lemme try to remember all the songs they played:







Whats my age again

All the small things

Aliens exist

Adams song


Country song (2 times)


Family reuion (bad word song)

Densatary gary

Happy holidays u bastard (2 times)

Stay together for the kids

Online songs

Anthem part 2

First date

Rollar coaster

Reckless abandon

Grandpa (which was soooo funny)

Story of a Lonely guy

Give me one good reason

Please take me home

Everytime I look for you (? I dont remember if they did)


i cant remember if there were more.

on the songs: National Anthem,Adams song, and stay togethjer for the kids people were liting their lighters and had their lights on (like when people die) it was cool.

I got home at 2:40am too bad we didnt see blink after :(

also, 2marrow Travis is getting married! Congrats Travis!

9:53pm *also I 4got to add that...someone threw their disposable lil yellow camera to the stage and Mark bent down to get it and said "someone lost their disposable camera. and you know, I'm going to take this to the security office and whoever this belongs to can go and claim it because in here has their lil kodak memories and wouldnt want to loose them. so after the show, go and claim it." and everyone was thinking 'since mark touched it im gonna go claim it' but mark was soo funny and was walking like he was gonna save it but then threw it real hard on the stage floor and broke it.That was funny how he did it.You had to be there to see it. and also some teenyboppers had some signs and mark said "look! someone ACTUALLY went to Kmart and bought markers to make signs! Lets hear it for them!" another thing I 4got to add was what Mark changed in the song "M&Ms" instead of " Sometimes I wanna take my otaster in bath" he sang "I wanna take my sister in the bath" Just thought about adding that :P
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