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2:27am I was in the kitchen drinking water and i looked out the window and saw a very bright flashing object in the sky. at first i thought it was a star so i stared at it amazed by how big and bright and flashy it was. the white flash turned to red flash so then i started wondering if it was a plane. so not taking my eyes off it, i watched to see if it would move to the direction the planes always go by, but it didnt. the shiny object was too big for it to be a star and too big for it to be a far away plane. thats when i was startting to realize it was a ufo. i watched in shock as it was just there flashing. i was thinking about running to the room to get my camera to record it but then i thought what if i left and when i came back it was gone, so i just watched not blinking. before i knew it, it quickly zoomed up into the sky and disappeared.
I was like :O
my body was shaking my heart was racing i couldnt believe what my eyes just saw!
after, I quickly ran outside to the backyard, out the backgate into the riverbed field & stared into the dark sky, waiting to see if i saw it again, but i didnt.
holy shit i cant believe it.
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