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meeting mark hoppus!

sept. 7, 2008 sunday

so mark was gonna be at hamburger marys for a charity bingo event. me, crystal, desiny, and jeff went.

they sat us in the back & then crystal spotted mark in the table in front of us! he was there with other ppl and his wife.

I wanted to take a pic with him but i was too nervous. everyone else didnt move but i was like fuck it. it took me some time to get the courage to go up to him. i just felt like i was bothering him becuz he was into a conversation a man was telling him..

i tapped his back and he turned around and i dont remember exactly what i said but it was basically this:

"hi, i hate to bother you but can I take a picture with you?"
and he said "sure its no bother" so destiny took a pic of us and I said thanks and I think i told him im a big fan. then i said like " i hate to bother you again but can i take another picture?" and he said it was fine so i took a pic of him and destiny and i said yay after lol then destiny got his autograph for me. he signed my plus 44 cover

then jeff had him sign destinys blink pinup and crystal asked him if it was alright if he took a pic with her son and he said yeah so i took a pic of mark with crystal and jeff. he gave them autographs then other fans went up to him for autographs and pictures. hes nice like always :)

then he did the bingo ball calls. he was there for like an hour.

from like 8:10-9:50pm he left with 2 games left.

tonite was awesome!

what age you gotta be to date michael jackson?
b14! xD
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