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roman remembers me

2:40ish pm

I was doing my usual route passing by the house I once saw Roman come out. & that particular moment I was thinking about Roman & imaginging about seeing him when I saw a girl come out from the house. I pulled over and to my surprise saw Roman with the girl.

I had on my pink glittery shirt that says IM A LITTLE BIT SINGLE with black capris and my hair up as usual. if I had seen him come out I would have put my hair down and tooken off my glasses.

I wanted to talk to roman ask if he'd remember me but that girl being there ruined it. she asked for hot cheetos so as I went to get the chips for her, I heard Roman asking her how much is it with cheese? when I gave her the chips she paid and surprisnly left. I thought she was gonna wait for him after all, thinking he's his girlfriend.

Roman asked for a bag of hot cheetos and asked me how much with cheese. I answered $1.75

so I asked him Hot cheetos with cheese? and he said no just hot cheetos. so i grabbed the bag and handed it to him.

roman: can you put some cheese for 1.50?
me: sure.

so he paid me in change and I put alot of cheese. as I was pouring the cheese, I said, "You went to Bell Gardens huh?"

Roman: yeah
Me: Yeah, I remember you.

there was like a 10 or so second silence. I was waiting for him to ask me soemthing like "did you go to bg too?" or something! it seemed like the longest silence when he said

roman:is your name Priscilla?
me: yeah! wow you remember!?
roman: I dont forget names.
me: so you live around here?
roman: no, this is my girlfriends house
me: oh..was that her?
roman: no, that's her sister.

i gave him his chips and he said thank you I said your welcome and he said bye and I said "see ya!"

then as I went on the drivers seat, I turned my head to look at his hot self when I saw him turning around to look at me. I got all excited and happy after.

like you know what they say when a person looks back, it means something. pony NEVER looked back when he'd walk away from me but roman did. awww.

I past by that house 2 times after but he didnt come out. idk if it was cuz he didnt want to, or had already left or maybe he had no money cuz when him and the chick were buying the chips they barely had enough.

i regret it i should have given him a free ice cream or something ask him when he was visitng again something.

it was just a shock in high school i had a huge crush on him but didnt talk alot and he remembers me wow!
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