Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

antonio voicemail

yesterday thursday december 27 we all kicked it together me, tania, deirdre, maira and destiny
we were talking to fogell from myspace on the phone and then i was curious to see if anotnio still had the same number we called and it went to his vociemail and he sounded soo hot and sexy i was happy to know he still had the same number. his voice mail said something like

"hey you called me..leave me me a message if its important then ill call u back, if not, then i have better things to do."

so destiny left a message as me saying soemthing like "hey antonio its priscilla from knotts i was just calling to say hi. i havent talked to you in forever heres my number call me up sometime."

of course he isnt gonn call me back but whatever.

oh and i havent seen pony since that last time when i was high and acted stupid its been way over a month...whatever i dont love him anymore
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