Kitty (kitty182g) wrote,

To Deirdre from Charlyne

Oct 27, 2007 1:30 AM

Body: Hi Deirdre,

No problemo about the adding. Glad we can be myspace friends and thanks for coming to the show!

I've never performed in Downey and wouldn't know how about to perform somewhere there - if people do shows there already and I have to ask to do one or where to do it. Not really sure. Had to ask permission to perform at this theatre. Don't know!

Um. I'm happy you came to the show last week. It was a fun show. I don't know what else to write except that I'm sleepy. Night! It's 1:29 am!!!


(next day)
oh yeah. haha. i remember you.

private parties. i think as long as it covers gas it's cool. never did a private party before. but that'd be fun. i think tomorrow paul & i (the glass beef) are doing a party at some club. scary. today we did our first elementary school.

the other people i performed with. the guys with the keyboards, uke, and accordian was the first time we had played together and wrote all those songs on that day cuz we had a band that dropped out of our show last minute. so not sure we'll play together again.

not sure what you had in mind for playing at a party. paul & i are just one guitar. ha...

have an awesome weekend too!

following day 3am

the elementary school was really fun.

im not sure where we performed at tonight. the club's name. paul drove.

well if you ever want us to play at a private it party. let us know.

halloween parties? probably not for me. i probably hang out with little sis.

night! (good)

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